Pure Himalayan Shilajit is a small US business that works in India, Nepal and Russian part of Himalayas to get the top quality and safe product for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check some of the most asked questions and feel free to contact us if you can’t find an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between the SOLID, LIQUID and ALTAY Shilajit ?

Liquid shilajit is perfect to mix with a tea, coffee, juices, milk, water, etc… You can do the same with solid shilajit but it would take more time. Solid form is more like a traditional form of shilajit and it is rather easier to carry out.

Liquid shilajit packed into the glass jar and usually include the stainless steel measuring spoon, additional cap, instructions and solid shilajit sample. Solid shilajit package is simple – just the plastic container with instructions.

Liquid shilajit hasn’t been dried to the solid form so basically, it is less processed from the raw source. Solid shilajit has been cold dried until it becomes a hard paste.

Altay shilajit is collected in Siberia, Russia where the mountain range is significantly lower than in Himalaya that makes it a lower grade resin also called Mumio. It is a great product (potent and pure) but needs twice an amount to got the same effect from Himalayan Shilajit (solid or liquid). Besides that you need more it is affordable in terms of servings/price. Altay shilajit hardness is something in between of liquid and solid shilajit. It is like a gooey mass that you take and roll a small ball using your fingers. Altay Shilajit is packed into a plastic container with a stainless steel spoon, instruction and shilajit sample included. 

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Lead, Mercury, Aluminum… Does shilajit safe ?

Shilajit in fact is packed with a metals like a fruit packed with vitamins. We cant take out certain elements and believe it or not any organic food has all of those elements but in different proportions. In order to calculate the safe level you have to consider the dosage amount accordingly.

For example the nation approved amount of lead in rice is 250ppb (parts per billion) and our shilajit have 1000ppb or five times more lead than in rice. Single person may eat 8 oz (225 000 mg) of rice per day but the single dose of shilajit should be from 100 mg to 500 mg. So the final intake of lead according to the amount of consumed shilajit is 500 times less than you got from rice or cereals. The same is for the other elements. Another example is Aluminum where you breath 10 times more daily through the air then by taking our shilajit.

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Wholesale ?

Yes, we are open to any wholesale requests from US-based businesses, please use the contact/question form.

If you’d like to become a shilajit re-seller or promote our store online, please register here – affiliate page.

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Can i give it to my pets or treat my plants ?

Absolutely! It does work for all living things but the amount should be adjusted according to the body weight.

In terms of plants it does work and only makes healthy plants healthier. It is a great mineral supplement because it’s got every mineral plants need to function at their full genetic potential. The ionic minerals make it capable of immediate absorption via foliar spraying on the leaves. Easy application, virtually 0 clean up. The Fulvic content acts as a catalyst for soil enzymes which act the same way enzymes do in the human body, so you can imagine how beneficial both drenching and foliar spraying would be from this benefit.

Everyone seems to be having success with about a pea size chunk of original shilajit paste per 5 gallons of water. Please note that shilajit dissolved in water should be used in 1-2 weeks.

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How much shilajit should i take per day?

There is no established daily amount but we can suggest to take our shialjit 1-2 times per day and 4-5 days in a week. We also know the cases where a certain person may take it 5-10 times per day or use it as a food supplement non stop for years.

Besides the short term mental boost it does number of a long term benefits that might be achieved in 2-3 month course with shilajit. Like all diet it may not be endless unless you need or like it. After the 2-3 months course you may stop and then do it again next year. However it is all depends on the food and environmental condition in your area and also on your personal health situation. The daily amount needed may vary as well as the results over time. We are always suggest to try the recommend amount first and then adjust it to your personal needs.

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How to test if shilajit pure and authentic?

If you dissolve shilajit in water and see no sediments then it is pure, however, it could be pure but low quality at the same time. Here are some common facts that you should know about Shilajit:

  • it should melt in your hands and quickly dissolved in water
  • if you place it in a freezer, it should become harder in about 30 minutes
  • when you take a rice grain size of shilajit straight on the empty stomach, you should feel the effect after 1-2 minutes
  • it should NOT taste or smell too weird. It has to taste organic but NOT like something metallic, artificial or even toxic
  • it should NOT cause a peculiar (unpleasant) numb sensation in the mouth like a unripe fruit
  • it is better dissolving in water than in alcohol
  • avoid the pills or powder that are much cheaper than a raw shilajit because it is likely made from lower grade/substitute mix that has no real benefits



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Alma Mater

Wellbeing comes first but not the business of selling shilajit. All money we rise here are going to support our root project called Pure Summit. The same idea of being healthy but in a mental perspective.

Pure Summit is offering unusual travel programs to the unusual places in Nepal, Tibet and Russia. Locals calls those spots “The Places of Power” and going through that may enrich your quality of life. We also believe that stepping on a path of non-religious inner development would prolong your life and benefit everyone around you.