To understand what is fulvic acid and how it forms it is necessary to come back to the history.


What is Fulvic Acid?

The story of our supplement starts from Triassic era what is around 250 million years ago.[1] It was the time of stormy flowering; all our Planet covered by different ancient kinds of plants. That period greens started to create massive fulvic acid’s deposit in the soils. In the early days of Earth, the ground filled with natural, nutritious components, which made it extremely fertile. After some time these deposits were transformed into coal, were washed by the sea from the ground or leaked through the rock in the pure form of Shilajit.

The science tells that fulvic acid is an organic product that created by mother nature. It is created from dead organic matter in the process of vital activity of the soil based on microorganisms.

Why it is useful for all living forms?

Any life form needs different kinds of vitamins. The most simple way to get it is to eat natural, healthy food fortified with vitamins. But the most challenging part of any health-giving nutrients is to be delivered. All the minerals have to pass the immune system and the cell membrane as a final checkpoint. Not all time nutrients can be assimilated because of individual circumstance. Nevertheless, the Fulvic acid is able to pass cell membrane, it is a fact! Why? It has the high level of bioavailability.[2] It has a complex formula of elements holding together by the ionic connection. And that complex structure goes into the cell to take part in selective trading or supply of minerals and other nutrients. If you take a supplement, containing fulvic acid naturally, you can be sure your organism will assimilate it and get all its benefits.

It Heals Every Living Organism

Other no less important reason is that it is one of the most healing substances in the world. It makes you stronger, no matter if you are healthy or not.

Fulvic acid is one of the major components of humic acid. Humic acid’s complex is an incredibly powerful combination for recovery of a human organism. It contains the full range of minerals, amino acids and trace elements such as natural polysaccharides, peptides, vitamins, steroids, fatty acids and other essentials components. There are about 70 useful components in the compound.[2]

healing fulvic acid

As I mentioned before, fulvic acid is a natural product. It is clear; we should consume fulvic minerals’ complex in the plants we eat and have enough fulvic minerals in our organisms. Apparently, it is provided by nature. However, today Earth’s soils suffer from poor agricultural practices,  pesticides,  chemical fertilizers,  erosion,  and mineral depletion. The ground is exhausted, barren and sick. Thus it cannot give plants necessary components including fulvic acid, which we need. We do not get enough minerals from the plants we eat. The propensity of a person to diseases can be caused by a lack of fulvic acid. Nowadays scientists try to reproduce this extraordinary chemical formula, but they still not succeed in it.

Shilajit is the only natural source of fulvic acid ready for human consumption.

The best way to get fulvic minerals is to take shilajit. Shilajit is the only natural source of fulvic acid found in the serene surroundings of mountains, and it is ready for human consumption [3]. Shilajit is one of the main medicine used in Indian traditional Ayurveda.[4] The research shows that 100gm of Shilajit contains up to 5,2 gm of fulvic acid.[5] Therefore, 1gm of Shilajit has 5,2% of FA. It is the highest content of FA in any natural source.

Weird % of Fulvic Acid in some “natural supplements”

You can find the “natural supplements” which contains 30% or more of Fulvic acid everywhere online. But it is very suspicious and unnatural. If you search for science background of these subject, you will find that bacterias always produce the certain ratio of acids. They can’t make 5% here and 30% there. Fulvic Acid is just a part of Humic Acids complex that microbes make altogether where Humic Acids amount is always ten times greater than a Fulvic Acid itself.

For certain marketing purposes, some manufacturers just added agricultural FA concentrate made from peat and use it as to attract customers. The current research shows that the average amount of Fulvic Acid in top grade Shilajit is 5% [18]. If you see any shilajit above that number then it is likely a mix made from concentrate but not a natural product. Not the % of FA makes Shilajit powerful but the trace minerals ionic bonds. Those bonds were made during many millions of years of pressure and microbial actions inside the Himalayas rocks. The added FA doesn’t have those bonds and is useful only as a selling point but pose no real Shilajit potency.

How much fulvic acid do we need?

Any living organism needs a very tiny amount of natural Fulvic Acid. The substance contained fulvic acid should be taken in small doses and may be diluted with water or another liquid. For example, the Pure Himalayan shilajit single serving amount is 150 mg. It is enough for a day for an average human.

For the plants, you need just 350 mg of our shilajit per 5 gallons of water. The 95% Fulvic Acid substance made up to 2000 gallons of water per 8 mg of concentrate. Who knows if that might be an overdose of taking the 0.5mg dose of 30% FA shilajit? Surely plants shouldn’t be treated like that. An overdose of humic acids can kill a plant and may cause the side effects for humans similar to an allergy, which may include nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate, itchiness, etc..[6] The more doesn’t mean the better. You can enjoy the life if it is in balance as well as your healthy diet.

8 reasons why we need a Fulvic Acid Supplementation

Fulvic acid is a universal substance having therapeutic effects. According to ongoing research, the list of benefits increases day by day. As I said before, it is useful for every living form on our Planet. It helps plants to improve the uptake of minerals and the natural resistance to environmental stresses, to stimulate growth.[7] As for pets, have you ever seen your dog or cat eating the dirt or litter? They do it because their organisms want to get these minerals instinctively. What about benefits of fulvic acid for people? Let’s know about it right now.

Transport minerals into Cells

Fulvic acid is the best transporter of minerals into Cells. It can carry over 60 times its weight in minerals. If you take it, you can be sure that other nutrients will deliver to right place of your body.[9]

Support for Brain Health


According to the University of Chile’s International Center for Biomedicine, fulvic acid may help to support healthy brain function.[10] It has several antioxidants, nutraceutical properties with potential activity to protect cognitive impairments.

Today there are many types of research about Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain. Over 300 studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin (a chemical that can damage the brain).[11] Fluoride tends to accumulate in brain’s pineal gland. It can seriously affect the health of human’s mind. We get it from food and water every day. Fulvic acid can remove fluoride from our organism.

Improvement Gut Health

As I noticed before, Fulvic acid contains the full range of minerals, amino acids, and trace elements. These elements are useful for nourish the digestive tract. They also can boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment.[12]

Uptake Free Radical

Free Radical is an atom or molecule that has an unpaired valence electron.[13] Every human organism has Free Radicals. Such a Free Radical can damage the health of human body speeding up the aging process and results in disease formation. Fulvic acid contains antioxidants that resist the effects of free radicals.[14]

Improves energy level with an analgesic effect

Fulvic acid like other natural electrolytes activates and energize biological processes in the body. An electrolyte helps cells to survive severe conditions caused by emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep and surgical shocks. That also makes it a natural painkiller. It can lower headaches, joint pain caused by arthritis, or bone and muscle pains associated with aging.[15]

energy level


It is a fact that fulvic acid, historically, has been used as a rash remedy. It is still possible to use it as skin protector from bug bites, scrapes, and rashes. Fulvic acid also can promote healing sores, wounds.[16]

Providing longevity

Fulvic Acid is the most powerful natural electrolyte, and it serves to balance cell life. It is required for health in any organic body. The electrolytes restore each cell to its chemical balance and when that potential is over the cell is dead. That process increases longevity and works the same for plants and the animals.[17]

Have you ever asked yourselves “what makes fertile soil black?”  The answer is it is full of humic and fulvic acids and other organic matters. That soil indeed produces the outstanding agricultural results, but the situation has changed. The world where we live is changing. Now if we want to get something, we must take any efforts for it.  To be healthy we have to do a sport, eat natural food and take extra supplements like fulvic acid and vitamins.

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