Let's Celebrate the Summer Solstice Together!

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You already have a regular account on our website so you can easily click the button below to become our Affiliate.

Commission and business details
Conversion action
Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days
60 days
Commission type
Precent of Sale
Retail commission
25% - 40%
Wholesale commission
Payment Method
Min. Payment Threshold

We keep good customer care

We’re a well-respected company that creates amazing health products that customers come back again and again to enjoy. We love making a difference in peoples’ lives.

We are dedicated to your success and excited to collaborate with you. This means we want to establish an open line of communication with you, so we can understand your needs and strengths. We’re here to help you succeed. If you have an idea for a promotion you believe will be effective, we’d love to hear it. We want to empower you to make things happen and earn huge commissions. So we will facilitate and support your goals any way we can.

We know that we succeed together. You need great products to market. You want to be fairly compensated for your work. And we need a great affiliate like you to spread the word. Let’s work together.


How the affiliate program works?

Step 1:

It’s free and easy. Simply click on this link and sign up!

Step 2:

Through your dashboard, you’ll get specific links that you can share with others via email, social networks, or as a link on your website. As an example, you can click on the Facebook share icon and you can share the link with your friends with a couple of clicks.

Step 2:

Every month, you’ll get paid 35% of all sales that you generate. And you can track your commissions right from your dashboard! We’ve had affiliates generate a significant amount of money simply by sharing a link!

It’s free to join, free to share, and offers you the opportunity to earn a healthy commission!

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Let's Celebrate the Summer Solstice Together!

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Sun Dried Shilajit