There isn’t anything special about how to use shilajit. You can apply the same principles as for food supplements or multivitamins. You have to pay attention to the dosage as well the frequency of use to be sure that your body metals level is in balance.


How to Use Shilajit

Please watch our short youtube shilajit video and then check step by step guide below.

Liquid Shilajit

Our average liquid shilajit dosage is about 100 – 150 mg and should not exceed 300 mg per serving.

Use the included stainless steel spoon or disposable wooden stick to measure the average single serving amount. Dip it into the shilajit; by an approx third or half of an inch for are a stick or just a full measuring steel spoon.  The amount that left on the stick or is in the spoon is an average single serving for adults. You can always use a butter knife or any other measuring spoon.

Mix liquid shilajit with water or other drink instead of taking it straight. Your drink might be hot or cold but do not boil the shilajit.
Some people asking why taking shilajit with goat milk is better? And our answer is that it depends… The same as mixing shilajit with honey – you can do that too. All those recipes have a cultural or dietary sense but no relation to shilajit itself! Mix your favorite drink with shilajit for a better digestion. Let’s say the drink of choice for you is a green tea – then mix it with a green tea.

shilajit single serving
take it straight

Solid Shilajit

Taste of shilajit in solid form isn’t bad so we recommend to take it straight. The average dose would be 150mg and should not exceed 300mg per serving.

Cold solid shilajit is hard but when it is too hot it becomes sticky. Keep it warm and use a scissors/knife to make a cut. 150mg serving size is equal to a rice grain / one-third size of a pea.

Put a single serving amount of raw shilajit in your mouth. Swallow when melted. You can drink water or other drink right away.

You may also dissolve solid shilajit in water and take it as a liquid shilajit. In this case put the single amount in your drink and stir it for a 5 second.

Powder Extract and Altay Shilajit

Powder Extract is a strong pure shilajit with a single serving amount of 150mg.

Altay shilajit is the lower grade resin because the Altay region has a relatively lower attitude where Shilajit may be collected, so the single serving amount is 300mg.

Please use the included stainless steel spoon to measure the amount for each type of shilajit.

The single serving of Powder Extract should not exceed 300mg per serving or 2 measuring spoons. The limit for Altay mumio per serving is the 600mg which is also equal to two measuring spoons.

When should i take shilajit

You may take shilajit early in the morning as well as during the day. We do not recommend to take it at night or before you are going to bed. Take it apart from any food. Increase the dose if taken with food but not to exceed 300mg per serving.

You may take shilajit 1-2 times a day, 4-5 days in a week. The optimal dietary session is 2-3 months. You may take those sessions 2-3 times a year. Limit the frequency of intake for a single serving per day if you would like to take it through the entire year.

empty stomach

Who should not take shilajit

As of now, there aren’t many studies about shilajit or report about its side effects. If you are pregnant or under serious health condition you should consult with your doctor first before taking shilajit. We would also recommend avoiding using shilajit in the following situations:

  • If someone has chronically high iron blood.
  • for people with very serious heart / high blood pressure issues.
  • during the time of being sick from the infection.
  • giving it to the babies or toddlers (younger than a 3y).

How to store shilajit

Store liquid shilajit in the refrigerator or in another cool place. You can also store it at a room temperature. When you mix it with a hot content it should be good for consumption during the same day. Cold mixtures and creams may be stored for 2 weeks. You can store cold distilled water mixture for many months in the refrigerator.

Store solid shilajit at a room temperature. You can also place it in the refrigerator but when it becomes cold you may have some difficulties with producing a dosage cuts. Use a hairdryer if it too hard and scissors to produce a cut. When it becomes way too hot it may stick to the container and in this case, you need to cool it down.

Shilajit itself have antibacterial and antifungal properties but we still recommend to store all jars closed. For liquid shilajit use an extra plastic cap provided together with an original cap. Try to not tight up the cap. If you have a difficulty with opening liquid shilajit place it under the hot water for about a minute and try again.

After you open shilajit it could be stored for 2 – 3 years. Keep it away from the reach of children.


Different ways of using shilajit

Some example of internal and external use of shilajit.

What to avoid when using shilajit

Hormone and Cancer medication. You can take any organic product together with shilajit. It is even better because Shilajit helps with nutrients delivery to the cells. For the same reason, we do not recommend taking it together with prescription drugs. That better distribution might play a negative role if the dosage was strictly regulated. You can take Shilajit when you are taking other meds but have to keep at least 2-hour gap between them. If you are under serious health conditions, you have to consult with your doctor first.

Tap Water. Water that comes from your kitchen sink most likely been chlorinated. Chlorine is such a chemical that can easily react with other molecules. It can form some toxic substance like dioxin, DDT, PCBs, etc. together with shilajit or other organic supplements. Use distilled, spring or active charcoal carbon filtered water.

Heat. We spend big efforts to preserve natural molecular bound in our shilajit. If you boil/cook an organic product, it will lose some of the important properties which it had in raw form. We recommend not to expose it to the continuous heat above 165F. You can put it in a hot tea right before the consumption but do not brew or boil it together.

Alcohol. Shilajit is very useful from a hangover but taking it together with alcohol may give an unusual effect. Sometimes it works like an energy drink that wakes you up. Other time it may increase the level of alcohol intoxication (being drunk). We do not recommend taking it together because it won’t produce any positive health effect. But more important it may have accidentally overdosed.


Let us know if you have any other question about how to use shilajit.