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20 Nov 2015dada
Though the fits of headaches have not gone completely, but they became at least not so exhausting
17 Dec 2015Paul
I don’t usually take supplements, but my girlfriend does. After I have tested shilajit I can say that it really helps me to get more concentrated. At a day time I’m awake and focused with zero jitters
29 Jan 2016Winter
I was complaining to my friend that I was run down and felt badly stressed. She recommend me to try that shilajit thing and it does pick me up within a month. I definitely want to get my own supply and find out a bit more about it. It is helps but it doesn’t sell in pharmacy with is strange…
2 Feb 2016Richard Bentrup
I take this shilajit twice a day and constantly get the benefits. I was looking for a very very pure shilajit to add to my daily routine, and that is it! I recommend this product!
8 Feb 2016Juliette
Some months earlier I had been dragging around but the Himalayan shilajit has given me more energy and a general uplifting feeling. I adore this product!!
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