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23 Jan 2019Amir

11 Dec 2018Joe
This might be a bit premature but I had a terrible Lyme day yesterday and this morning I took the tiny spoon of Shilajit. Wow, In less than 20 minutes I felt like I could go to work! I can't to see how things are a month from now.
5 Dec 2018Terry
I spend a lot on various supplements for various conditions and prevention. Never, I emphasize, have I seen a procuct like Shaljit do what this is doing for me. I am 78 and my bowels had become uncontrollable at times, and came forth like liquid. With shaljit, everything firms up to normal like I had in my younger life. I feel stronger, sleep quickly at night and wake more refreshed. I could go on and on. So glad I found this poduct and will be on it the rest of my life.
12 Nov 2018Clark
14 Oct 2018Jenelle
I’m a 42yr female Plant-based athlete who’s always looking for natural supplements to accompany my healthy lifestyle. I have a history of suffering from anxiety. I ordered a sample came right away. This product is Everything. It gives me a nice calming flow of energy & way more mental clarity. I couldn’t be more happier with this product. I will be making a full purchase today.
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