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4 May 2018James
I’ve bought from this company for some time now and am VERY HAPPY with the solid grade A. Valinteen is HELPFUL FRIENDLY and answers questions HONESTLY. PURE HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT in my opinion is the BEST COMPANY to buy your Shilajit from. Have bought from other companies that charge twice as much and customer service isn’t half as good as what Valinteen gives!!!
2 May 2018James
I have been a personal trainer for 10 years with degrees in Athletic training and Kinesiology. With a sceptic and educatued mind in decided to try this product. Review. Get this product. I combine the recommended dose with pine pollen and I can honestly say at 30, my mental acuity and physical strength is at peak. There is nothing to lose. It’s pure warrior medicine.
21 Apr 2018Christine
Shilajit, I have been using it for two weeks after the first dose that day was amazing I felt an even flow of energy! I am calmer, it says it can lower you cholesterol I am having blood work done so I will know when I get those results, In the morning I had a physical I did a dose in the morning when they took my blood pressure it was 108 over 71 how sweet! I use the power form in spring water I only use a small bit of water so I can get it down then I drink 8oz of water, to me it has a smoky flavor.
18 Feb 2018Elda Naveen
I ordered shilajit at the beginning of February and got it in 4 days. That was a great service, thank you! After taking it daily for almost one month I could feel it working in my body almost right away. I found it to be one of the best supplements I have ever had. I would give 100 stars if I could!
10 Feb 2018Matthew
I’ve just finished my first course of taking shilajit and it seems truly amazing. I feel the desire to create something more often than before.
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