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Buy Pure Himalayan & Siberian Shilajit

Box with shilajit resin

Choose from an exclusive selection of Authentic Shilajit products Collected at High Altitudes. Our Shilajit is safe to use, free from pollutants, harvested in pristine mountain ecosystems and third-party laboratory certified.

Box with shilajit resin

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Pure Shilajit for Your Diet

A Special Gift from Mother Nature!

  • Natural Source of Fulvic Acid
  • Trace Minerals
  • Balance Body Function
  • Strength and Energy
  • Thousand Years of Usage History

The Legend About Shilajit and King Fereydun (550 – 530 BC)

The ancient cultures revered shilajit as a powerful superfood, with recorded history making detailed mention of this potent substance for more than 2000 years!

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*All prices are in US dollars.

Shilajit & ashwagandha gummies
Shilajit & ashwagandha gummies
Price $39.99
Total $39.99
Shilajit Coffee
Shilajit Coffee
Price $31.99
Total $31.99
Soft Resin Shilajit
Himalayan Mountains, India
Soft Resin Shilajit
Himalayan Mountains, India
Price $65.99
Total $65.99
Liquid Shilajit Drops 50mL
Himalayan Mountains
Liquid Shilajit Drops 50mL
Himalayan Mountains
Price $99.99
Total $99.99
Pure Shilajit Tablets
Altai Mountains, Siberia
Pure Shilajit Tablets
Altai Mountains, Siberia
Price $24.99
Total $24.99
Standard Shilajit Resin
Altai Mountains, Siberia
Standard Shilajit Resin
Altai Mountains, Siberia
Price $37.99
Total $37.99
Shilajit Extra Strength
Himalayan, Altai Mountains
Shilajit Extra Strength
Himalayan, Altai Mountains
Price $25.00
Total $25.00
Shilajit composition

What is Pure Shilajit and How is it Made?

Shilajit is a plant humus degrading between layers of rock over long periods of time at high altitudes in the Himalayan and Altai Mountains. Being a naturally occurring substance, its nutrient profile consists of complex organic compounds of fulvic and humic acids, plant alkaloids, and trace minerals complex. Shilajit is harvested in the summer while this dark thick liquid oozes from the rocks. As raw shilajit may include impurities such as stones and sand it is mixed with spring water to filter out all of the heavy particles. Once the purification stage is over it is dried to evaporate all of the added water and it becomes a pure shilajit (shilajit extract).

8 Out of 10 Customers Feel the Effect Right After the First Use

Shilajit is such an amazing product that you may notice an effect after a few minutes of taking it. It gives a burst of energy and awakens the body. In Ancient Ayurveda and Rasayana practice of the East, shilajit is called the most powerful superfood for inner rejuvenation.

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Pure Himalayan and Altay Shilajit

Box with shilajit resin
Box with shilajit resin

The Effect on Body Metabolism, Inner Wellness.

Shilajit is rich in minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other organic compounds that are essential to metabolism. The body’s metabolic processes are all interconnected, involving, amongst others, the immune system and the nervous system, which influences energy levels, mood, brain function, male and female wellness to some degree. In essence, shilajit supports the balanced function of all body systems, boosting or calming the body’s inner energy as needed.

shilajit info

The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Benefits from taking Shilajit

*results may vary

Support for those who have a mentally active or stressful job

Additional nutrition for bone and joint wellness

Metabolic support with natural fulvic acid

Energy, endurance, and improved stamina

Normalization of digestive functions

Rejuvenation and vitality

Our Shilajit Quality

We offer Shilajit from both common shilajit on market today. The Himalayan is the top quality shilajit made in accordance with traditional practice dating back hundreds of years. The Altay or Siberian is the most affordable shilajit made using modern dietary supplement standards.


16,000 ft


14,000 ft

3 Main Factors for Shilajit Potency

the quality of the collected raw material

the quality of filtration and dehydration

the balance of the trace elements and organic compounds

Those factors has a complex background, and we are working hard to make sure that all of our product meets the highest standards.

Why Himalayan Shilajit the Best?

Shilajit originally comes from the Himalayas and has over thousand years of use in that region. The traditional methods of purification and processing preserve its quality better than any sophisticated machinery. The Himalayan shilajit harvests at the top altitude of 16,000 and there is almost no chance for contamination.

At such high altitude we experience much stronger winds, lower temperature, low oxygen and more UV light that naturally protect raw material.

Stronger Winds Lower Temperatures More UV Light

Shilajit Nutrition Facts and Certificate of Analysis


Main Difference Between Himalayan and Siberian Shilajit?

  • The highest altitude of harvest
  • Best Purification - Shudh Shilajit (शुद्ध शिलाजीत)
  • Centuries-old Ayurvedic processing
  • Used in Ayurvedic Rasayana practices for whole-body rejuvenation
  • Made according to modern standards
  • Processing and Purification developed in the early 1980s by USSR scientists
  • Purified with plain water and processed to a certain density
  • Used as strength and vigor nutrition support for athletes and militants

Nowadays, shilajit is widely available in both Himalaya and Altai and is considered one of the must-have natural superfoods in the household.

Is Shilajit the Same as Liquid Fulvic Acid or Trace Minerals Pills?

Besides these products share the same idea of nutritional support they are different. Shilajit is a herbal product where all its elements created by nature for decades. It is picked in the mountains, purified and sold intact. It has its genuine organic structure that makes it highly absorbable by the body. The Liquid Fulvic Acid and Trace Minerals Pills are chemically extracted and blended products. Usually sold in much higher concentration that the body needs just because such substances are not entirely absorbed by the body.

Liquid Shilajit

Liquid Himalayan Shilajit extracted according to the original formulation for the Rasayana Ayurvedic properties. It is like oil by consistency but not oily. It is packed right after the extraction and preserves the most molecular properties of the original raw shilajit. It comes in a glass container with a dropper and instructions. The average single serving size is 3 drops (use it plain or add it to your drink or food). Liquid shilajit has the highest purity compared to thicker versions.


Liquid Himalayan Shilajit is one of the purest forms we carry. It is extracted according to the original formulation for the Rasayana Ayurvedic properties

See More
Sun Dried

Sun dried Himalayan shilajit is one of the rarest and most expensive of shilajit in the world as it retains the maximum amount of the source material properties

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Resin and Solid

Because these forms have been processed for an extended period of time to evaporate more than 50% of their moisture, they tend to lose some of their properties; however, they offer a much higher concentration of minerals and fulvic acid. These types usually have a purity of around 97% and, in most cases, provide the same or very similar effectiveness as the soft resin but can be stored for much longer without changes to their consistency.


High in quality and potency, accompanied with the best price, and usage convenience

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Sweet, with pleasant flavor and enriched with manuka honey benefits

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Most popular Siberian shilajit treated with modern technology

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Original form of shilajit preserving the highest percentage of plant-based trace minerals

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Shilajit Tablets and Shilajit Powder

These are the most concentrated forms of shilajit, but they undergo the highest amount of change in their properties from their original source. These types may be very strong and potent and are generally best used for a limited timeframe. The purity of such forms is usually in the range of 95-97%.


Packaged into small compartments, travel friendly with no binding agents or fillers

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Freeze-dried shilajit powder perfect to be mixed with low-cal food or smoothies

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Shilajit Extra Strenght

Extra-strength shilajit are an effective, quick, and easy way to enjoy shilajit!

See More

Quality Chart

Liquid Sun DriedSoft ResinResin MumioSolidTablets CapsulesShangrila
Harvest Altitude

> 16,000


< 16,000

quality level a quality level b quality level c quality level b quality level c quality level b
Processing Time




quality level a quality level b quality level b quality level c quality level c quality level b
Ease of Use




quality level b quality level c quality level c quality level c quality level a quality level c




quality level b quality level c quality level c quality level b quality level b quality level a

Type of container and measuring device

Glass + Dropper Glass + Spoon Glass or Plastic + Scoop Plastic + spatula Plastic Glass + Spoon




quality level c quality level c quality level a quality level c quality level b quality level c

What Type of Shilajit is the Best?

It is the most common question we hear and unfortunately it has no straight answer. The Himalayan Liquid forms stands out for its exceptional purity while the Siberian Resin or Tablets may be little less potent but rather more affordable.

Why use illustration

What is the Daily Dose for Shilajit?

The single serving of shilajit varies from 100mg to 300mg per serving and it depends on the shilajit type and concentration. The dose may also vary on the weight, age and specific cultural factors. For example, the single serving of Shilajit from Altai or Himalaya may be larger than in America and Europe because we lack the modern scientific studies but the traditional studies are never accepted.

  • weight
  • age
  • concentration

The Average Daily Dose of Different Shilajit Types

  • Liquid

    Dose Liquid

    200 mL

  • Soft Resin

    Dose Soft

    200 mL

  • Solid Shilajit & Shilajit Resin

    Dose solid

    100 mg

  • Shilajit Powder

    Dose powder

    150 mg

You may use shilajit 1-2 times daily, early in the morning or during the day preferably apart from high calorie or fat food. It is OK to use it along with a light meal, salad or smoothie. In case if you do sport or active lifestyle take shilajit during or after the exercises. To calculate a more accurate dose for yourself, please use the dosage calculator.
Side effects shilajit

How Should I Take Pure Himalayan Shilajit?

The most common way of taking shilajit is plain as-is. You may put it under the tongue or swallow followed by 50ml of water. It is also common to mix shilajit with any water based liquid except alcohol. You may add it to your tea or juice or just mix it with a clean water. You may even add it to the hot liquid but in such case it shall be consumed right away.

As everything in nature comes in cycles we used to take different nutrients at different times of the year. We suggest cycling any dietary supplement as well as shilajit unless you feel you shall take it non stop. For example, it is very common to use Shilajit for a month straight and then take 1-2 months break. There is nothing wrong taking Shilajit non stop but if you body don’t need it that much then its effectiveness will be decreased over time.

Are There Any Unpleasant Effects of Shilajit?

Shilajit is very safe as it is not a drug and works the same as vitamins primarily to optimize the overall function of the body.

However, shilajit that is sold from unknown sources and lacks the basic traceability and independent laboratory analyses should be viewed as an entirely different product, as it may contain impurities or be useless in terms of the effect.

In general good quality shilajit does not produce any unpleasant effect, however in rare cases it may cause temporary headache and upset stomach or even mild allergy reaction. In such cases you shall use Shilajit with food or plenty of water. If you are pregnant or have a serious health condition, you should consult your doctor before taking shilajit.

Time Does Shilajit

Unlimited Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our shilajit will make you feel better that we offer a full unlimited money-back guarantee. Try it, use it and see how it works for a minimum of 30 days. If you are not happy for any reason, please send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Shipping & Handling
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1-2 days
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee - get a full refund if you're not satisfied with our products!
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We are continuously looking to improve and a big part of that is feedback from you. There are no products that everyone loves but unfortunately there are many review manipulation in our niche.

We trust our customers and we don't remove critical reviews.

Some words that can't be mentioned in connection to the dietary supplements may be replaced with [...] to comply with current FDA regulations.

Jay21 Jun 2024
I like it so far. But that pic of the pharmacist holding the shilajit to her eye while putting up three 6’s very demonic. From that alone don’t think I will order anymore.
Abdul6 Jun 2024
Is this original?
Kenneth28 May 2024
Got it took it a few weeks. Nothing. What's it supposed to do?
Cara12 May 2024
1 star because I accidentally left 5 on my other review. Once again, never purchasing from here again. And I just read that they give full refunds if you arent satisfied with your order, well.. that would have been nice. I even offered to send my order back so I could get the right one. Ordering from wholesaleco now. At least they respond.
Cara12 May 2024
Ive been a customer for about two years, never had an issue until now. I ordered the standard shilajit that I usually get and instead of it being the hard version you can mold into a pea sized shape, I recieved a soft liquidy version which isn't near as potent. I have seizures and a neurological condition that makes taking shilajit extremely necessary, without this shilajit I revert back to having these seizures. I tried calling, left messages, even went on instagram and no one answered. Finally when I hear back with a short message on instagram, they didn't even assess the problem or try to fix it. Over 90 dollars for a product that isn't right and no help in fixing the problem. Never purchasing from here again.
Lavonne14 Feb 2024
My husband bought the Shilajit without telling me beforehand. I had never heard of it so I was a little skeptical. After watching him take it for a few days I decided to start taking it with him. OMG! The overnight transformation of our energy, vitality, mental awareness, and arousal levels went through the roof! This is, hands-down, the best natural all-around restorer of our health and youthfulness that we have tried yet! Guys you can throw away the Viagra taking this~TRULY! (plus it's safer & healthier for your heart) Give it a try for 30 days and you'll see exactly what I mean. It's got a money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? Loving life and feeling like a spring chicken again! Yours Truly, Vern B.
Robert3 Feb 2024
So far I love it. I’d like to know what minerals are actually in this. Also if the packaging gets sticky store them in a refrigerator. 🤗
Ck25 Jan 2024
Cally where did you get yours from that you write about in review, would like to compare before ordering
Jose20 Jan 2024
Ive tried twice it has a good flavor and now i really need it.
Sergio16 Nov 2023
No customer service, I called many times and no one answers the phone, mailbox is full so you can't even leave a message. Also sent emails and never received a reply. Bad business practice.
Huvelle6 Nov 2023
Commande effectuée le 15/10/2023. Toujours pas reçu
Bertha17 Oct 2023
I have been taking it for 2 weeks straight every morning . I am amazed how fast I saw and felt results. I had hip pain from falls and sitting for long periods at work. My legs hurt and my gait was slow. I could not bend down on my knees and at least 3 times a week would get leg cramps/ spasms. Maybe talking too soon but I feel rejuvenated since taking shilajit. I highly recommend this product.
Lee16 Oct 2023
I bought Shilijit Dry Drops, 120 tablets (Siberian). Is this the same Shiljit? Has it been tested for the different toxins, e.g. arsenic, lead, etc.?
Larry7 Sep 2023
Good p[product but no customer service. I have called numerous times with no answer and left message 3 times with no return call. Not a good way to do business
Jason5 Sep 2023
Testing to see if real
Don5 Jun 2023
Company withdrew money from my account and failed to ship product. Phone number goes to voicemail also
Tony29 May 2023
Have been using the soft resin for close to 5 years now and is one of my favorites for sure. I found taking the time to put these into capsules to work best for me, the large jar lasts a long time so value wise it worth it even though it is more costly. I'll be comparing the solid resin to the soft resin next.
Ganesh23 Jan 2023
I order shilajit on the basis of previous reviews and i must say these guys delivered me really good and authentic product with premium packaging, I was really impressed with the quality of product. Thanks you guys and keep serving good product all around the world.
Cally28 Nov 2022
I have tried multiple products from them and they just don't compare to buying directly from Himalaya. I tried the different products from here and in the ways they suggested such as taking breaks etc. And it can take time to work etc. Well the shilajit directly from the Himalayas actually gives you energy within about 20-30minutes or so. I never got that from any of these. I triec the original resin, and I tried the powder that is supposed to be the strongest. The products are not what i would call horrible but if you can wait I'd order directly from Himalayas. I waited several months to add my review to be as honest as possible.
Dfgv15 Nov 2022
good info
Almeda15 Nov 2022
good info
Tom3 Nov 2022
Very good product and easy to sneak into food and drinks!
Tom3 Nov 2022
Very good product and easy to sneak into food and drinks!
Tom3 Nov 2022
Great product and very easy to sneak into food and drinks!
Tom2 Nov 2022
Great product and easy to sneak into drinks and food!
Sumeet27 Sep 2022
Very good product
Jody21 Sep 2022
They claim it is a natural product so it is OK, it should not be sweet. I put 3 drops on the skin and leak it from the back of my hand. Overall I am happy customer :) It does work and lasts longer than I expected.
Taj12 Aug 2022
Testing if the review is real, you’ll see it. Insta: Realtaj_t if you think this is fake
Josh11 Aug 2022
Good taste and has an effect. I’ll likely buy again
Khalil31 Jul 2022
This is my fifth order of Shilajit. My friends and family try it and get hooked. This has exceeded my expectations in what it does. A friend of mine who had lower than normal testosterone for his age, who is battling CFS, has been taking it for 4 months. His testosterone is now higher than normal for his age (51) and his CFS, while still difficult to manage, is well enough he can do martial arts again. I recommend this over other, more expensive brands, because it seems to be the exact same from my experience.
Dave12 Jul 2022
I'm totally happy with this shilajet! I purchase from 2 companies at the same time and this product cost less but works even better for me.
Jaik23 May 2022
I bought your Pure Himalayan Shilajit Soft Resin online through Amazon to try as I have used other Himalayan Shilajits for quite some time. I was shocked to find a citrus taste and a maximum of 10% of real shilajit odor. I was born and brought up in the Himalayan mountains and have taken pure Shilajit for years and can easily find the difference in purity. Not sure, what else includes in this stuff.
Sally18 Mar 2022
Was not happy that I could not find where to go back and change my order on top of it could not find customer service on line or reach by phone. Horrible customer service
Hayden10 Feb 2022
Why is there "Natural triphala and aloe verda flavors"? I thought this was supposed to be 1 ingredient.
Lisa13 Dec 2021
Bought the hard resin and soft resin. I wasn't sure how long someone could take this product and be safe. I have using the hard resin for my plants. One of my bamboo plants that I have had for 8 years started to sprout 2 new plants. All my plants have grown quickly and are [...]. I decided to take shilajit 4 times a week. I can feel a [...] in [...] in my body. Thank you for a wonder and amazing product.
Ricardo28 Nov 2021
If I take it at the first sign of a [...], it seems to help: often the [...] will fade away.
Blaze10 Oct 2021
It’s been around for thousands of years , and is amazing. I’m so happy I’ve been the [...] I’ve been in my entire life , found a list of things to mix it with to create different body [...], love to take it with warm milk. I also give it to all my dogs and cats by simply adding in their water bowl , or putting on cats paws or gums for them to lick. My kitten also went up to the Shilajit after smelling it from afar and started licking it , knowing it was good for her. To much research that supports as to why I’m gonna be buying more for a 10 year supply - also referred friends who bought , thank you! For supplying. Just bought 250 servings.
Tam4 Sep 2021
Oh my! This puts the O back in [...]! Sorry, couldn't help myself! 😅
Mary8 Aug 2021
I have only been taking liquid drops for about 3 days - day 1, not much impact… Day 2, 3 drops in tea - just took it like a “shot” lol ohhhh boy cleaned me out GOOD but not in a hurtful way… Day 3 took 1 dropper before hiit class and def felt a little more energized and [...] to get through the rest of the day. I am immediately optimistic this is a very good product for me.
Melanie6 Jul 2021
I was unbelievably happy with my purchase! I had come across shilajit on a late-night "need to take care of myself" internet searching. I ordered the soft resin, mix it in a small teacup with warm water and honey. It's smooth going down (quite earthy without the honey, but it felt "rich"). I have a hard time with my high metabolism and no appetite. A small amount (measured with the super cool small spoon that was sent!) in the morning provides me with so much mental clarity and energy. I actually have an appetite and it doesn't keep me up so I'm able to take it when I work late in the evening. It's just an all-around good self-care staple everyone should have! Buying again and then going wholesale, baby!
Testing1 Jul 2021
Testing the legitimacy of these reviews.
Testing1 Jul 2021
Testing the legitimacy of these reviews.
Hannah16 Apr 2021
Thank you very good product and service
Piedad20 Mar 2021
I just got my shilajit today! I wanted to review it because I got impressed with the presentation and love the spoon! Also after my doctor recommended it to me, also she sed only buy the resing form. Dissolves easy in warm water.
Jordan18 Mar 2021
Just testing if the reviews are real
Jennifer6 Mar 2021
First purchase tablets, awesome! Second purchase resin, awesome! Will keep buying. Next is liquid, for my the pets. Happy customer. Excellent product.
Jon18 Feb 2021
Product too hard to use! Do Not Buy the resin! I kept it in the basement that is 65 degrees year round. After couple weeks it started getting hard to scoop out, eventually becoming hard as a rock and useless! Waste of money!
A.v.15 Feb 2021
Exactly as described, no taste, easy to travel with
Jimmy31 Jan 2021
I've been taking this with coffee for about 3 weeks now feeling more energized
Stephanie16 Jan 2021
This brand is INCREDIBLE! I’m so glad I came across them!!!
Steven28 Dec 2020
No flavor and ease of taking. But my favorite one is resin. Bought the caps just to try
Danny6 Dec 2020
That is really good and I feel the difference after using it
Rosa1 Dec 2020
The drops are really effective and I take them for general energy, well-being, and vitality. But this packaging is not practical at all as shilajit is sticky and the drops do not come out.
Nicole13 Nov 2020
Good for energy and mental clarity but the taste is horrible to me
Melissa6 Nov 2020
I noticed that my focus became stronger. That’s for sure. Thank you. I’ll be purchasing again
Shawn13 Oct 2020
Well packaged, on time
Kate30 Sep 2020
Good service
Donna30 Sep 2020
Perfect for kids as it is sweet
Tony27 Sep 2020
I do not really have time to rest, but shilajit keeps me vital. Also they have great service, very professional.
Kelly24 Sep 2020
Got the same as described, would recommend
Lisa19 Sep 2020
My eldest kitty seems more playful and active now
Rachel16 Sep 2020
Nasty taste but effective
Paul14 Aug 2020
Easy to use
Lina5 Aug 2020
Exactly what I needed. It is easy to dilute when in hot water. The taste is fine
Jojo5 Aug 2020
Shilajit drops are great and it is worth the money
Tom1 Jul 2020
I use these in conjunction with Intermittent fasting. Usually the fasting can leave me in brain fog, but I feel these keep me sharp, so I'm feeling great.
Jane24 Jun 2020
The caps are easy to swallow as they are thin. Taken by my mom and myself. Would recommend.
Erika21 Jun 2020
I believe that liquid shilajit is purer. The taste is earthy. Its consistency perfect to mix with water. The amount of energy and clarity I feel after taking a dose is just what I was looking for. Love, love, love it.
Alex17 Jun 2020
I just started taking shilajit but still didn't get the energy that others mentioned, rather it was a very calming effect
Jen14 Jun 2020
Wish I would have known more about the product taste before buying it. I couldn't even bring myself to taste it because of its smell. So this review is only based on smell and not the effects
Fenrir13 Jun 2020
Good price considering how rare shilajit is
Shari7 Jun 2020
Great product and even better customer service!
3 Jun 2020
Great product, positive changes in energy, [wellness], mood, & thought process
Matthew23 May 2020
Looking for years for that missing ingredient in my energy level. Shilajit was the answer. But I can't tolerate the taste. Any advice for me?
Brigitte9 May 2020
Je commande 3 produits car vous êtes convaincants au sujet de ces produits.
Matt8 May 2020
Is that really 100% natural? I'm just curious how natural it is.
Meagan3 May 2020
After a week of using I have just a slight quick burst of energy and [wellness] but I expected more
Mya19 Apr 2020
Nicely packed, easy to take, good consistency
Andy24 Mar 2020
Loved it! Thank you! I choose the liquid form and the powder form so one sits in the fridge and the other travels with me, it's the perfect combination! I feel a lift in energy and a clearer mind. I'm a big coffee drinker so I add a little to my morning cup and enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you!
Nina12 Mar 2020
I was confused about how to dose it at first but other than that it is a good product. My dog has responded well to it!
Mas10 Mar 2020
I've been using this product for two weeks and don't see any differences
Robert5 Mar 2020
Its been now a week since I started using this product but so far I havnt seen any result
Juan28 Jan 2020
Good service. They have instructions and information that came with the shipment. I have not tried the product yet.
Roderick28 Jan 2020
Katherine9 Jan 2020
eager to try, heard good things
Wen25 Dec 2019
I can't say if it works, feeling a bit more energized
Terry13 Dec 2019
I had 14 mercury amalgams removed a month ago. I had them for about 30 years. Ive been doing a [...] and it wasn’t until i added the shilajit that I started feeling better. I’ve been having energy ups and downs but the shilajit helps big time! Never taken shilajit before this and I wish I would have long ago. I have nothing other then this distributor to compare the quality to but I can tell you I felt an immediate difference. Great stuff thank you so much for providing such an unbelievable product!
Jackson9 Dec 2019
The pills are much easier for me. I just put it into my mouth and swallow. More energy.
Jacob7 Dec 2019
I am using the product twice a day for the last 14 days. I mix shilajit with water and apply it to the joint. After seven days my swelling has reduced. I recommend the product for its immediate effectiveness
Bob24 Nov 2019
Pure Himalayan Shilajit liquid drops come in a glass container with a dropper and usage instructions. Effective
Hussam9 Oct 2019
Just as a regular soft resin but with honey flavor
Sean17 Sep 2019
I bought this item after all the positive reviews I read but I tried it once and didn't like it
Demi28 Aug 2019
Amazing customer service! This is my second company buying Shilajit. I am so impressed with them. Thank you guys for your amazing customer service!
Alyson17 Aug 2019
That one is very convenient to use and great for a quick pick up
Julian8 Aug 2019
Your shilajit is the best in the market in terms of quality and value.
Nik28 Jul 2019
Normal but not the best. I tried other types and they seem more effective
Jim9 Jul 2019
These caps seem to be of very good quality as the shilajit powder that is inside the caps has no white or yellow blotches. Just started taking but sure I have a potent product.
Brian27 Jun 2019
I've been using it for a few months now. I purchased the biggest size they offer, but half way through, it started drying out. Not happy about that.
Nathan19 Jun 2019
Stuff works. Gives me much needed energy and helps me to be more mindful when needed.
Omar19 Jun 2019
Did not feel any difference mentally or physically. Plus it was pretty expensive.
Zacharias19 Jun 2019
Tastes bad but definitely gave me some energy! Much easier to use than taking it from a jar
Li14 Jun 2019
Dont see any effects but have been taking it for one week already
Maggie7 Jun 2019
Its taste weird but I take it with coffee in the morning and boom energy all day. I love it, it’s worth the money
Emille5 Jun 2019
It works. I use it to gain mental clarity and stability. I noticed that it is different from the powdered form in that you can take it liberally without penalty. Will purchase again!
Mary29 May 2019
I been taking this for a while, it gives a little energy but hasn't seen any significant difference
Laurie1 May 2019
Normal but not excited
Eric1 May 2019
Great product, great customer service too! I have a very focus- intensive job and this will help me stay sharp when I need to.
Nuriani6 Apr 2019
I started adding 3 drops in my morning tea - didnt really taste it, but definitely felt the difference. This product I am sure is what helped me recover so quickly - highly recommended
Marcee26 Mar 2019
Good product and worth a try. It works great on me
Bobby13 Mar 2019
Thanks. It's Great!
Lola26 Feb 2019
The drops are thin in a consistency almost watery. Not sure if it is should be like that
Ralph9 Feb 2019
Felt nothing, no increase in energy or stamina.
Chio30 Jan 2019
Testing, can wait to order this product.
Amir23 Jan 2019
Joe11 Dec 2018
This might be a bit premature but I had a terrible [wellness] day yesterday and this morning I took the tiny spoon of Shilajit. Wow, In less than 20 minutes I felt like I could go to work! I can't to see how things are a month from now.
Terry5 Dec 2018
I spend a lot on various supplements for [wellness]. Never, I emphasize, have I seen a procuct like Shaljit do what this is doing for me. I am 78 and my [wellness] had become uncontrollable at times, and came forth like liquid. With shaljit, everything firms up to normal like I had in my [...] life. I feel stronger, [...] quickly at night and wake more refreshed. I could go on and on. So glad I found this poduct and will be on it the rest of my life.
Clark12 Nov 2018
Jenelle14 Oct 2018
I’m a 42yr female Plant-based athlete who’s always looking for natural supplements to accompany my [wellness]. [...]. I ordered a sample came right away. This product is Everything. It gives me a nice calming flow of energy & way more mental clarity. I couldn’t be more happier with this product. I will be making a full purchase today.
Rebecca3 Oct 2018
Tried the solid shilajit.. feeling well nurished and very happy and experiencing less back pain than usual!
Melvin13 Sep 2018
I really love my Shilajit, this stuff works works and works I am telling the world about this God giving minerals wow!
Shannon9 Sep 2018
Fantastic product, I am always researching supplements to boost my [wellness] and energy levels. This was a win win for me.
Pierrette20 Aug 2018
I've been [...], which was [...], was told [...]. Anyway this has given me more [wellness] than [...]. I highly recommend it. ??
Kaja9 Aug 2018
Amazing product! As for me, it’s better than any other vitamin supplements because shilajit is rich in a great number of Vitamins and minerals.
Elizabeth3 Aug 2018
This product may have a big effect on other people but not on me. Everyone has a different reaction.I have to say that I'm not getting the energy from this that everyone else claims. I had hoped it would be a super energizer. Also, its taste is not good. On the other side, I got my order quickly. Service is great!
Moira31 Jul 2018
I love my shilajit it has been amazing for me I have been ill it and helps a lot .I love it with coconut milk it is so good and good for you I have a lot more energy and I feel better amazing
Pawan7 Jun 2018
Asha28 May 2018
It is a wonderful product which vastly has boosted my energy level. The only reason, I give it 4 and not 5 stars, is that the doses are not divided up, you have to break off it yourself making it harder to take right dosage.
James4 May 2018
I’ve bought from this company for some time now and am VERY HAPPY with the solid grade A. Valinteen is HELPFUL FRIENDLY and answers questions HONESTLY. PURE HIMALAYAN SHILAJIT in my opinion is the BEST COMPANY to buy your Shilajit from. Have bought from other companies that charge twice as much and customer service isn’t half as good as what Valinteen gives!!!
James2 May 2018
I have been a personal trainer for 10 years with degrees in Athletic training and Kinesiology. With a sceptic and educatued mind in decided to try this product. Review. Get this product. I combine the recommended dose with pine pollen and I can honestly say at 30, my mental acuity and physical strength is at peak. There is nothing to lose. It’s pure warrior medicine.
Christine21 Apr 2018
Shilajit, I have been using it for two weeks after the first dose that day was amazing I felt an even flow of energy! I am calmer, [...] I am having blood work done so I will know when I get those results, In the morning I had a physical I did a dose in the morning when they took my blood pressure it was 108 over 71 how sweet! I use the power form in spring water I only use a small bit of water so I can get it down then I drink 8oz of water, to me it has a smoky flavor.
Elda18 Feb 2018
I ordered shilajit at the beginning of February and got it in 4 days. That was a great service, thank you! After taking it daily for almost one month I could feel it working in my body almost right away. I found it to be one of the best supplements I have ever had. I would give 100 stars if I could!
Matthew10 Feb 2018
I’ve just finished my first course of taking shilajit and it seems truly amazing. I feel the desire to create something more often than before.
Peter5 Feb 2018
After doing some research I've decided to purchase this shilajit. I've got it really fast but can't tell any pros and cons yet as i need more time. It looks and smells right and gives me a little energy after the first use. I’ll make an update with the details on how it is affecting my body. 5 stars for now!
John25 Jan 2018
Been using shilajit for a long time now! I like the Altai shilajit as it works better for me compared to Himalayan, thank you for free exchange.
Say23 Jan 2018
I don't post reviews so often. Usually, I do it for the products which are worthy of paying attention. In my opinion, shilajit is one of them. I’m a vegetarian and just maintain a [wellness] during a long time. So now you can understand that I choose food and supplements very very carefully. But I’m always looking for the products fulling of useful nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. I happen to know about Shilajit just surfing the Internet. I read about the superfood a lot and found out that it has plenty useful components for [wellness]. I decided to check myself how it works. What is the result? I’ve taken shilajit for three weeks and already see some changes. It really boosts my energy level. If before I have coped with exercising hardly after a work day, so now I’m full of energy and can do extra activities, what makes me happy. One more advantage of shilajit that nature makes it. It is a treasure for a [wellness] lover. Out of 5 stars, I’d give 5! It’s an amazing product!
James10 Jan 2018
I love the product! It's surprising but I actually like its taste. When I ordered shilajit, I was afraid that the taste and smell would be so bad because I heard about it many times. So it isn’t terrible. It quickly dissolves in water and is not needed to be stirred continuously. I’ve been taking it just for two weeks and am going to complete the course. I mix Shilajit with water and drink it during and post workout. It provides a faster recovery. So as far as I know, it’s a good product.
Michael18 Oct 2017
Great company, great product, and fast shipping!!
Jason23 Sep 2017
First I just would like to say how amazing this product is! [...] until I heard of the benefits shilajit had to offer I decided to give it a shot and that’s where I found this product and I decided to go with my gut instinct greatest decision I ever made this has helped me a great deal [...] I haven’t felt this great in a very long time. This works for me and I can’t thank them enough!
Jim19 Sep 2017
It appears to me that the new Altay Shilajit is very high in Lead (735 ppm) which is dangerous considering that it is in the form of a microbial metabolite. Please stop poisoning people!!! (update) I meant to say very high in ALUMINUM*** (735 ppm) not lead. Forgive me.
Rob29 Jul 2017
Awesome.. been taking it for a week amazing…
R11 Jul 2017
Eric10 Jun 2017
I’m just checking to see if these reviews are real. If it allows my comments to Post then I’ll order. Thanks
John17 May 2017
There has been a noticable improvement in physical energy and mental clarity when using this shilajit over the last 3 months. I was also given some very helpful, detailed email responses to some innitial questions about the product before I purchased. Thank you.
John29 Apr 2017
I totally agree with all the great reviews , This is truly the good shilajit. The killer of weakness for sure !!
Angela27 Apr 2017
This shilajit will change your life! I’ve bought others, and after taking this, I had wasted my money. You have a customer for life in me!!!!
royce27 Mar 2017
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Mike19 Mar 2017
Superb customer service and product. This stuff is like rocket fuel and [...]. In two weeks of use my energy, [wellness] have all improved dramatically. I will be coming back for more!
Denothra15 Mar 2017
This is my 1st time using Shilajit. I really like it. It gives a nice clear-headed feeling when taken first thing in the morning. Also, my energy levels appear to be more balanced through out the day. One thing I did notice was that it makes you drink a lot of water. I love the product and I loved the service. When I received my 1st order of Pure Himalayan Shilajit, there was a coupon inside for a free month’s supply. I thought the free product would be in return for my reviewing their product on Amazon.com. When I emailed the company ( on a Saturday ) asking how to go about claiming and reviewing the product, I received an email from them on Sunday morning asking only for my shipping information. They also wrote “You don’t have to write a review but if you have a minute to do so it would be great!” Is that sweet or what? And then Sunday night(!) I got another email from the company. They provided a shipping number for my free month supply that will be arriving shortly. I love the product and I love the service. Both the product and the service are efficient, they do what they say they’re supposed to do and it is a pleasure dealing with them.
Dennis14 Mar 2017
Just got the 2 week trial solid shilajit and in just one small serving I must say it gave me energy and clarity and I was ready to go and tackle the day. I have tried other Shilajit’s from other well known companies but they do not compare with this one. I will try the liquid version next as they are both potent.
Smith11 Mar 2017
Ordered mines from Amazon. After many years taking the brown variant in capsule form. I will be sticking to the Black version for the rest of my life. I’m only 35 y/o male with no body ailments thankfully. Like I tell everyone, I’m only future proofing my [wellness], this is why I keep active and keep high quality mineral’s in my body such as this. After exhausting researching on the purest form of shilajit, understanding how rare it can be along with analyzing many fakes on the market. This is the one :) With me, there is no burst of energy, yet it feels more balanced how the human body should be working after eating and drinking in the first place :)
Mehmet8 Mar 2017
After learning about Shilajit, I decided to give it a try. I use it once in the morning on an empty stomach, and sometimes use it once more between lunch and dinner. After starting to use it, my productivity increased. I am a PhD student in Engineering and I also write posts for my website about [wellness]. I’ve been definitely getting more work done recently. I don’t know if Shilajit is the sole cause, but I think it’s been beneficial so far.
Stacy24 Feb 2017
I have been looking for something for energy.. [...] and this is the best product I have found so far..love it..I found it on amazon
Allison20 Feb 2017
Great product, worked instantly for me, and that’s very unusual with any supplement! I love how it came packaged in a beautiful box, with a free sample and lab analysis, you’ve got to try it!
Nathan19 Feb 2017
I love this product. [...] I use the liquid shilajit in the morning when I wake up. I put it in hot distilled water with a little honey. I think the taste is great, I love the clarity of mind it provides. It also provides sustained energy and is great to take a little before more intimate times, definitely provides a boost of energy that you and your partner will feel. Overall awesome product. I will be buying again.
11 Feb 2017
great stuff thanks
Robin11 Feb 2017
great stuff.
Cerisa11 Feb 2017
I love this shilijat! The fact that it is solid is great. I just cut a piece off and take like a pill without a harsh taste. It gives me great clean energy and keep my digestive system moving.
Pam28 Jan 2017
Just got my 5gm jar of Shilajit and love it. From the first dose I felt the energy and the feeling is hard to explain, but it just instinctively feels like it is so good for you. Im going to order the 12gm solid next. Very excited to enjoy all the benefits…
Frances3 Jan 2017
I bought just 2gm, a 2 weeks worth to to try out. Now I wished I trusted the reviews and bought more, so today I just ordered a 3 month supply of 12gm. I will be taking this forever. First thing I noticed was an increase in energy, by the 3rd day [...]. About the 4th day [...]. This stuff is amazing and I want to keep it going for the rest of my life. I am 70 yrs old and feeling [wellness]. Now that is saying something. My purchase came with a coupon for more and you can bet your last dollar I am calling it in. I have not tried any other brands, but as it is said, “Once you find something this good, why fix something that’s not broke.”
Brandon9 Sep 2016
Just got mine in the mail today after ordering exactly one week ago. Everything came as expected, lab testing paperwork, signed and dated. The Shilajit itself boxed and packaged very securely. I’m using the Shilajit to harness the potency aspect of the resin, in compliments to my medicinal cannabis. Within this first day my usage has been down and the results have been intensified. I took one rice grain size piece with a glass of distilled water with a meal, a few minutes before self medicating. Definitely plan to get more after this 2-month supply is up, thanks!
Bob1 Sep 2016
professionally done, only respect guys! It works 100$ percent, i don’t know how but you feel it if you try:)
Man23 Aug 2016
Why do you guys keep raining your price. 8 grams 3 days ago was 15 then yesterday it’s 20 now 25.. if you care for your company and product remain humble to the people
Jason17 Aug 2016
This resin has changed my life for the better, period. I have energy again, my anxiety is practically non-existent, gives me mental clarity, and increases the effects of my medical cannabis since it’s a potentiator.
Jnemes12 Aug 2016
This is the very finest Mineral Pitch. I buy it on Amazon. I wish ? you would make all your Shilajit available on Amazon with a subscription services. Outstanding Mineral Pitch. I agree with all the other 5 star ? reviews…try some…buy some…click ? now…
Sean18 Jun 2016
Great product, delivery fast.
Satnam8 Jun 2016
Tried 1st time seems to be working as said.
Jasmine5 Apr 2016
I spill it !!
Juliette8 Feb 2016
Some months earlier I had been dragging around but the Himalayan shilajit has given me more energy and a general uplifting feeling. I adore this product!!
Richard2 Feb 2016
I take this shilajit twice a day and constantly get the benefits. I was looking for a very very pure shilajit to add to my daily routine, and that is it! I recommend this product!
Winter29 Jan 2016
I was complaining to my friend that I was run down and felt badly stressed. She recommend me to try that shilajit thing and it does pick me up within a month. I definitely want to get my own supply and find out a bit more about it. It is helps but it doesn’t sell in pharmacy with is strange…
Paul17 Dec 2015
I don’t usually take supplements, but my girlfriend does. After I have tested shilajit I can say that it really helps me to get more concentrated. At a day time I’m awake and focused with zero jitters
Dada20 Nov 2015
Though the fits of headaches have not gone completely, but they became at least not so exhausting

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