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Shilajit Tablets

Box with shilajit tablets

Shilajit tablets are concentrated dry purified shilajit, black-brown in color with natural taste. It is harvested at high altitudes from the revered Altai mountains in Siberia. It is pre-measured, compacted, pressed shilajit packaged into small compartments with no binding agents or fillers. Tablets are the easier form of natural shilajit to use and a great option to start from.

Box with shilajit tablets

Why Do We Need Shilajit Tablets?


& Potent

Easy to Use


Shilajit Tablets are almost the same as traditional shilajit. It is a really strong and potent product that still has high bioavailability as traditional forms. Forming shilajit into tablets is a cleaner, more convenient way of consuming shilajit than most other forms. Whether you’re in the car, on the bus, on the plane, or out with friends, you will never have to miss it.

The Mountain Tar of Youth

The story of a British explorer Sir. Martin Edward Stanley and the discovery of Shilajit during explorations of India in late 1870.

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Pure Shilajit Tablets

Pure Shilajit Tablets

Altai Mountains, Siberia

60 count (120mg)

90 count (180mg)

120 count (240mg)


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Shilajit Dry Drops is a pre-sized shilajit from Siberia in the form of tablets. It is packed into small compartments for seamless use. You don't have to measure your single serving with that product (just take one drop daily). *We also carry different packages/sizes of tablets available on Amazon.

Shilajit Nutrition Facts and Certificate of Analysis


What you get

  • Pure Shilajit
  • Easy to Use
  • Clean Product from Pristine Altai Mountains
  • 3rd Party US Laboratory Certified
  • Quick, Reliable Customer Service
  • Risk Free Guarantee *
about shilajit tablets

The shilajit used to make the tablets is of a top quality source that undergoes third-party safety testing by US laboratories. It is gently processed to preserve original bioactive properties and to achieve extra potency with an additional rate of concentration. The tablets are manufactured in FDA registered facility and in accordance with GMP standards. about shilajit tablets

Shilajit Tablets VS Other Shilajit

pros/cons shilajit tablets


  • Ease of Use
  • Affordable Price
  • High Concentration of Nutrients
  • Makes no Mess


  • Digested Slowly than Traditional Shilajit
  • Lesser Shelf Life Due to Packaging Materials
  • Not the Highest Purity Compared to Liquid or Soft Resin


Shilajit tablets are the best option for those who value time and money.

Shilajit Dry Drops Benefits

*Shilajit is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements made with this website (and any accompanying material) have not been evaluated by FDA and not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional.

Metabolic and Immune Support

When the body has everything it needs, it does things more efficiently, such as making energy and protecting itself.

Shilajit is considered a tonic or adaptogen. Humic acid, fulvic acid, and trace minerals found in shilajit aid metabolism for better body performance. In traditional practice, it is used to balance the body functions including those of the immune and nervous systems.

Consuming superfoods is one of the ways to enrich our diet. The fulvic acid found in Shilajit enhances the body’s absorption of other nutrients from the food and other herbal supplements we eat

Holistic Metabolic and Immune Support
Body Health & Stress Relief

Body Wellness & Performance

Shilajit has many trace elements known to be important for body wellness. Such bioactive properties may enhance the body’s use of proteins and provide antioxidant effects. This makes Shilajit useful in promoting wellbeing and rejuvenating your energy storage.

Trace minerals also have the potential in balancing the effects of stress on the body. The body tends to use up more nutrients during a stress response, so obtaining sufficient amounts from the diet during these times is important.

Natural Cleansing

Shilajit has fulvic minerals that are essential for a healthy metabolism, cleansing, energy, overall wellness and vitality. Part of an efficient metabolism is efficient cleansing processes protecting our cells and energy production centers. During our lifetime, body may accumulate some damage from oxidative stress, which explains the increases in fatigue as we age.

Shilajit doesn't reverse aging however it may be a great dietary addition to support body metabolism.


Vitality & Stamina

Shilajit can help boost energy levels, enhance muscle function, and support blood circulation, all of which are essential in sustaining body potency. Also, a boost in vitality can often be experienced when consuming shilajit.

Shilajit natural ingredients may increase the production of nitric oxide (NO) which is also beneficial for the body. As it may improve the blood flow and stimulate inner energies it results in better male and female performance.

Why use illustration

Ancient History of Shilajit Usage

In ancient times, shilajit belong to a noble class of traditional medicines and may be available only to the wealthy. It has records from famous doctors of the past such as Avicenna, Paracleus and Buruni where they describe how to purify and use Shilajit. In the West, Mumie (the Greek word for Shilajit) was first described by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, around 2500 years ago. Other European mentions of Shilajit (using the Greek word Mumio) are surprisingly embedded in the famous works of William Shakespeare, including The Merry Wives of Windsor, Macbeth and Othello.

Shilajit Tablets Buy Shilajit Tablets

How to Use

How to Use Tablets 1

Take It Plain

Place a tablet in your mouth under the tongue or swallow if you can't handle the taste.

How to Use Tablets 2

Drink Some Water

Once shilajit is consumed you may drink 30mL (shot glass) of water. In case of stomach sensitivity drink more water or take it with low calorie food.

How to Use Tablets 3

1-2 Times Daily

Take it in the morning or during the day. You may take up to 2 tablets daily.

Easy to Use

Tablets will not leak, crumble, or whatever. There is no need to measure it as one tablet is a single-serving for an adult.

All Natural

Shilajit tablets are an absolutely natural product with no additives or fillers.

Travel Friendly

Air-tight sealed into small compartments, shilajit tablets are much easier to travel with.

Natural Shilajit Tablets from Siberia

Rich in Fulvic Acid and Trace Minerals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Altai and Himalayan Shilajit?

Altai Shilajit is usually harvested at lower altitude than Himalayan one. Altai shilajit proceed using modern technology developed in 1980s in USSR that make the costs significantly lower. Despite the little difference in potency Altay Shilajit is almost equal to the effectiveness of Himalayan Shilajit.

Are the Tablets Pure Shilajit?

Yes, Shilajit Tablets are made from pure shilajit. Basically, shilajit is purified using spring water that extracts it from the raw source that may have sand and stones. Then liquid shilajit gets filtered and dried till it become resin, solid or powder.

What Minerals are in Shilajit Tablets?

Shilajit Tablets has the same minerals and organic acids as the other forms of shilajit. It has almost the entire list of minerals that used by the lifeform for body metabolic process. However Shilajit shall not be considered as drug or mineral diffency remedy but shall be used as dietary supplement that provide natural mineral complex in trace ammounts.

Try different Shilajit for different purposes

Choose the One You Like!


Most popular Siberian shilajit treated with modern technology

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Liquid Himalayan Shilajit is one of the purest forms we carry. It is extracted according to the original formulation for the Rasayana Ayurvedic properties.

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High in quality and potency, accompanied with the best price, and usage convenience

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Freeze-dried shilajit powder perfect to be mixed with low-cal food or smoothies

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Packaged into small compartments, travel friendly with no binding agents or fillers

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Sweet, with pleasant flavor and enriched with manuka honey benefits

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Original form of shilajit preserving the highest percentage of plant-based trace minerals

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Shilajit Extra Strength

Extra-strength shilajit are an effective, quick, and easy way to enjoy shilajit!

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Mumio comes from the Greek at the time when Aristotle mention it in his pharmacopeia. It also appears in Shakespeare's Macbeth as one of the ingredients of witches brew.

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Robert3 Feb 2024
So far I love it. I’d like to know what minerals are actually in this. Also if the packaging gets sticky store them in a refrigerator. 🤗
Lee16 Oct 2023
I bought Shilijit Dry Drops, 120 tablets (Siberian). Is this the same Shiljit? Has it been tested for the different toxins, e.g. arsenic, lead, etc.?
Khalil31 Jul 2022
This is my fifth order of Shilajit. My friends and family try it and get hooked. This has exceeded my expectations in what it does. A friend of mine who had lower than normal testosterone for his age, who is battling CFS, has been taking it for 4 months. His testosterone is now higher than normal for his age (51) and his CFS, while still difficult to manage, is well enough he can do martial arts again. I recommend this over other, more expensive brands, because it seems to be the exact same from my experience.
Jennifer6 Mar 2021
First purchase tablets, awesome! Second purchase resin, awesome! Will keep buying. Next is liquid, for my the pets. Happy customer. Excellent product.
Rosa1 Dec 2020
The drops are really effective and I take them for general energy, well-being, and vitality. But this packaging is not practical at all as shilajit is sticky and the drops do not come out.
Melissa6 Nov 2020
I noticed that my focus became stronger. That’s for sure. Thank you. I’ll be purchasing again
Shawn13 Oct 2020
Well packaged, on time
Tony27 Sep 2020
I do not really have time to rest, but shilajit keeps me vital. Also they have great service, very professional.
Rachel16 Sep 2020
Nasty taste but effective
Jackson9 Dec 2019
The pills are much easier for me. I just put it into my mouth and swallow. More energy.
Alyson17 Aug 2019
That one is very convenient to use and great for a quick pick up
Nik28 Jul 2019
Normal but not the best. I tried other types and they seem more effective
Nathan19 Jun 2019
Stuff works. Gives me much needed energy and helps me to be more mindful when needed.
Zacharias19 Jun 2019
Tastes bad but definitely gave me some energy! Much easier to use than taking it from a jar
Mary29 May 2019
I been taking this for a while, it gives a little energy but hasn't seen any significant difference
Marcee26 Mar 2019
Good product and worth a try. It works great on me
Allison20 Feb 2017
Great product, worked instantly for me, and that’s very unusual with any supplement! I love how it came packaged in a beautiful box, with a free sample and lab analysis, you’ve got to try it!
Man23 Aug 2016
Why do you guys keep raining your price. 8 grams 3 days ago was 15 then yesterday it’s 20 now 25.. if you care for your company and product remain humble to the people
Winter29 Jan 2016
I was complaining to my friend that I was run down and felt badly stressed. She recommend me to try that shilajit thing and it does pick me up within a month. I definitely want to get my own supply and find out a bit more about it. It is helps but it doesn’t sell in pharmacy with is strange…
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Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Natural Shilajit Tablets from Siberia!
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