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Shungite stone, found in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, and named after a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered, is a unique carbonaceous and natural mineral of organic origin. It is known as a magical stone, a stone of life or a healing stone because of its numerous curative and protective properties.

elie shungite

The scholars who have studied shungite in one voice declare, "It's a miracle!”

Although shungite is widely used in various fields including agriculture, medicine and chemical industries, the most beneficial properties of shungite that made it popular is its usefulness in water purification and physical and spiritual healing. Shungite helps remove bad smells in water, also the stones clean and filter water destroying harmful microorganisms.

One of the most important features of shungite stone is its filtering properties. The carbon molecules that are found in shungite can purify water effectively. Due to its high sorption capacity, sanitary properties, and unique chemical composition, shungite stones can absorb about 95% of water polluting elements which include nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful chemical compounds.

How to Make Shungite Water?

Shungite water is used to describe water infused with shungite stones. It is safe to drink without any additional purification process such as boiling or chemical treatment. Shungite water contains natural antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals in living cells and tissues.

Below are some easy to follow steps on how to make shungite water:

Shungite for water purification
  1. Rinse the shungite stones under running water in order to remove dirt or debris. Do not use soap to wash the shungite stones. You can use hands or a brush to remove and fine black powder.
  2. Place the shungite stones in a glass or ceramic jar or container and pour cold, pre filtered water into the container.
  3. If you are using Elite shungite stones, use about 70 to 100 grams of it per 1 litre of water. If you are using Regular shungite stones, use 200 grams of it per 1 litre of water.
  4. Allow the water to sit for at least one night or up to three days for maximum effect before you start drinking it.
  5. You can refill the container or jar with fresh water when it gets low and repeat no. 4.
  6. If the water is really polluted, the shungite stones will pick up such impurities such as nitrates and lead.
  7. It is important to leave the lid off the water container to allow toxins and chemicals to escape. You can cover the container with a light cloth to keep out dust, flies and other airborne contaminants.
  8. Take out the stones from the container at least once in a month and rinse under running water. Allow the stones to dry in the sun in order for them to charge before returning them into the container. Sterilize the container at regular intervals.

Shungite water can serve as drinking water in homes, offices and in many other places. It can also be used in baths as it helps detoxify, removes fatigue, heals cuts, improves skin condition and relieves joint and muscle tensions.

To prepare a shungite water bath, you should have an average of 150 to 300 grams of Elite shungite stones or 300 to 450 grams of Regular shungite stones. Put the shungite stones in a bag and place the bag in the hot water (about 30 litres) for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Elite shilajit in bag

How Long Can Shungite Be Used?

Since the stones have no risk of getting negatively charged or accumulating impurities such as nitrates and chlorine, they can be kept for a while if they are properly cleaned and charged in the sun. The duration of shungite use depends on many factors such as the quality of the water, the intensity of use and the type of shungite stones that you are using. However, shungite stones can be kept indefinitely especially if you use pre filtered water. If you are using heavily chlorinated or polluted water, it is advisable to replace or change your shungite stones every two to three years.

Shungite stone

Energetic Cleaning of Shungite Stones

It is advisable to clean your shungite stones under running water and to leave the stones in the sunlight to charge for about 6 to 7 hours, every 2 to 3 months.

One of the factors that influence the duration of shungite stones is a clean surface. Apart from clean surface, it is also very important to make regular energetic cleaning of shungite.

How to Choose the Right Shungite for Water Purification?

Shungite is classified according to its carbon content and is divided into 5 types:

There are different types of shungite stones which are used for water purification. Both Elite and Regular shungite in their raw non polished forms are suitable for water purification. The only difference between both stones is the amount of carbon composition.

S/NTypes of ShungiteName Carbon Composition
1 Type I Elite or Noble Shungite 92 – 98%
2 Type II Petrovsky Shungite 57 – 75%
3 Type III Regular Shungite 30 – 50%
4 Type IV Dolomite 3 – 4%
5 Type V Chert 1%

Regular shungite stones contain about 50% carbon while the carbon composition of Elite shungite stones is about 94%. Therefore, Elite shungite is more efficient and you will only require few stones for the same amount of water unlike Regular shungite which will require more stones for the same amount of water.

A bag of Elite shungite stones weighing 200 grams containing 10 pieces of 20 grams Elite shungite stones is equal to 200 grams of Elite shungite stones containing 40 pieces each of 5 grams.

Shungite pyramids and spheres products are not suitable for making shungite water. Polishing, shaping and other manufacturing techniques reduce the filtering capacity of stones. Shungite stones are very effective in their raw form as they provide the highest level of filtration and mineralization.

Fine Classic Shungite

Fine classic shungite has a large surface area which can be covered with lime or deposits can form. It is almost impossible to clean the changed surface of each stone. It is therefore advisable to replace the shungite stones every 18 to 24 months.

Large Shungite Stones

It is quite easy to clean the surface of large shungite stones with a brush or by cleaning the stones under running water. If you clean the shungite stones regularly, the duration of use can be unlimited.

Elite Shungite Stones

Elite shungite stones have smooth surface and this makes them very easy to clean. They can be used for a long period of time if they are properly cleaned and charged.

DIY Shungite Water Filter

Shungite water filters are specially made for the use at home and workplace just as regular water filters. You can make your shungite water filter at home and in a cost effective way. In order to do this, you will need a couple of materials to make the filter. You will need rock pebbles, gravel, coarse sand, activated charcoal and most importantly, shungite stones, fine sand and coffee filter/cloth.

Put the materials in a bottle, arranging them in this order. That is:

rock pebbles


coarse sand

activated charcoal

shungite stones

fine sand


After arranging the materials, pour water inside the bottle/container. The water will first pass through the rock pebbles and gravel which will catch the bigger impurities while coarse sand will catch the smaller ones. Then, it will pass through activated charcoal which will remove the impurities that escape through coarse sand. The shungite stones will rid the water of other impurities. Finally, the water will pass through the fine sand before reaching the coffee filter/cloth which is the last layer.

Allow the water to settle for about a day before you start drinking it. Shungite water filter gained popularity in the 1990s and have become widely used in homes. You can experience shungite water cleansing in your home as shungite water has proved effective over the years. Shungite is known for its neutralizing ability of negative and waste elements in water. It enriches water with positive components and has become famous for its cleansing characteristics.

elite shungite inside glass

Shungite water filter is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable solution to get unique shungite purified water.

How to Use Shungite for Water Purification at Home?

Shungite is non toxic and shungite water is totally safe for drinking. To prepare shungite water at home, put the stones in a sieve and rinse well in order to get rid of any dust or dirt. Then, put the shungite stones in the bottom of a ceramic or glass container. Avoid plastic containers as they can attract toxins from the containers.

Shungite for water purification

Use 200 grams of Regular shungite stones or 70 to 100 grams of Elite shungite stones per 1 liter of water. If you are using pre filtered water, leave it to sit for about 24 hours to 48 hours for maximum effect.

Top the water every night and you will know by the taste of the water if you need to infuse a little longer. Your shungite water is ready to drink and you can enjoy the cleaning effect of shungite.

It is important to leave the lid off the container to allow toxins escape but you can cover it with a light cloth in order to keep out dust, flies and other airborne contaminants.

It is advisable to clean the stones used for water filtration every two to three months. You can have two sets of stones such that when you clean one set of stones, you can just use the second set of shungite stones instead of waiting for the newly cleaned ones to dry.

A Table Illustrating the Quantity of Shungite to Use with Water

Quantity of shungiteQuantity of waterTime needed (for maximum effect)
70 to 100 grams of Elite shungite stones1 litre12 to 48 hours
200 grams of Regular shungite stones1 litre12 to 48 hours
250 to 300 grams of Elite shungite stones5 litres (1.5 gallons)12 to 48 hours
For bath, 150 to 300 grams of Elite shungite stones30 litres48 hours
For bath, 300 to 450 grams of Regular shungite stones30 litres48 hours

What is Shungite-Infused Water?

Shungite-infused water is the finished water, ready for use. After leaving the shungite stones in the ceramic or glass container for about 48 hours, pour the shungite-infused water into another lidded glass or ceramic container.

Refill the original shungite container with pre filtered water to prepare a new batch. It is excellent as a hair rinse, useful for pets and plants.

How Much Shungite Water Should You Drink?

You can drink about 2 to 3 glasses of shungite water per day. Water is essential in our everyday lives. There are no generally accepted or specific rules on the quantity of shungite water use. It is important to use water in life with your own feelings and needs.

However, it is advisable to start by drinking a limited amount of shungite water at the beginning, until you see how you feel. Some people experience a die-off reaction while others show unexpected response. Until you are certain that your body system doesn’t react negatively to shungite water, then, you can continue drinking it.

There are some people who drink shungite water once a day as a form of special drink while there are some people who drink it whenever they are thirsty, in order to quench their thirst either while eating or during sport activities.

Therefore, the amount of shungite water you drink depends on your daily needs and how much your body system requires.

Other Ways to Use Shungite Water

Shungite water can be used for bathing. Put a bag of shungite stones into the bath and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. For maximum effectiveness, it is better to leave the bag of shungite stones in the water for about 12 to 48 hours, giving you the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of the stones. But, it is almost impossible for you to fill your bathtub and wait for two or three days.

So, instead of waiting for two to three days, you can just apply your shungite drinking water directly to your skin to any problem areas you might have.

Shungite water has been used successfully to treat some skin conditions such as pimples, skin rashes, and dryness. It can be used in compresses or for cleansing the hands or feet or to improve skin elasticity and skin tone. Shungite’s fullerenes accelerate the skin’s regenerative processes.

How Shungite Changes the Water?

Prolonged contact of ground shungite stones with water gives a solution that is enriched with microelements. And this prolonged contact makes the water equipped with beneficial properties. This implies that shungite water has additional health-giving properties.

Shungite beads

Results of a chemical analysis of shungite water

ElementConcentration, mg 1-1, in samplepermissible
consumptionlevel, mg day -1
V 0.82 0.42 0.1
Ca 30.0 27.0 2500
Fe 710 330 45.0
Mg 130.0 80.0 800
Cd 1.3 0.75 N/r*
K 1.6 3.4 3500
Co 2.7 1.3 0.03
Na 28.0 21.0 N/r
Mn 2.5 1.7 11.0
Se 0.49 0.25 0.15
Cu 9.8 5.8 5.0
B 0.092 0.066 6.0
Mo 0.046 0.0014 0.2
Si 10.0 5.9 10.0
As 0.074 0.020 N/r
Ti 0.019 0.0019 N/r
Ni 49.0 29.0 N/r
Be 0.016 0.010 N/r
Pb 0.20 0.69 N/r
Ba 0.015 0.022 N/r
Ag <0.005 <0.005 0.07
Al 150.0 97.0 N/r
Sb <0.005 <0.005 N/r
Tl <0.005 <0.005 N/r
Cr 0.25 0.11 0.25
Sr 0.13 0.12 N/r
Zn 180.0 90.0 40.0

* No regulations.

Results of a microbiological analysis of shungite water

SampleColi indexTotal microbe number, colony-forming units cm-3
Water from the Neva River  
before treatment2.4 106
4.4 105
after treatment<10<10

Side Effects of Shungite Water

Although shungite water is a great source of health and protection against many illnesses and diseases, it also has its own side effects. Some of them include:

1. Strain on Blood Pressure

For people who have hypertension, it is advisable to use shungite water with caution as the effects of shungite can be overwhelming for the body. It is true that shungite is beneficial for the disorders of the cardiovascular system but if you feel that the strain on your blood pressure is too high, it is better to stop the use of shungite for your healing process.

2. Insomnia

Another side effect of shungite is insomnia. For people who have irregular or sensitive sleep patterns, the use of shungite can cause sleep orders or insomnia.

3. Pile Up of Negative Energy

If you don’t clean and recharge your shungite stones regularly, it can lead to a pile up of negative energy which can affect your mood and overall health. If you notice any form of bad energy, you should clean your shungite stones immediately or if the bad energy is too strong, you can replace the stones with new ones.

laboratory illustration

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