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Shilajit Extra Strength

Box with shilajit caps

Shilajit Extra Strength are the most natural shilajit delivered in a modern way. Raw shilajit is carefully harvested, preserved, and ground to produce the equally potent powders that end up in caps. This is a fantastic choice for those who prefer the quick and easy way of enjoying shilajit - no measuring, no spills, no mess to clean after! One serving is one recommended dose, perfect to take and go!

shilajit extra strenght

Why Do We Need Shilajit Caps?

& Original


to Take


Our Shilajit Caps are made from high-quality shilajit that is 100% pure. Because of our cutting-edge processing technique, Shilajit is high in organic nutrients that are vital for functions such as protein synthesis and metabolism. Our caps look just like traditional nutritional supplements - easy to use, store and take on trips.

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Shilajit Extra Strength

Shilajit Extra Strength

Himalayan, Altai Mountains

Himalayan – 18g (90ct)

Siberian – 18g (90ct)


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Unadulterated genuine shilajit powder packed in caps, great for metabolism support.

The Mountain Tar of Youth

The story of a British explorer Sir. Martin Edward Stanley and the discovery of Shilajit during explorations of India in late 1870.

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Shilajit Nutrition Facts and Certificate of Analysis


What you get:

  • Authentic & Original
  • Easy to Swallow
  • Pure Shilajit Powder, No Additives
  • Third-Party US Laboratory Certified
  • Phone and Email Customer Service
  • Unlimited Money-Back Guarantee *
about shilajit caps

The shilajit used in the caps comes from a top-quality source that has undergone third-party safety testing by US laboratories. It is purified and processed very gently in order to preserve its rich bioactive compound profile and to achieve the desired trace mineral and essential acid concentration. The caps are manufactured in a FDA registered facility and in accordance with GMP standards. about shilajit caps

Pros / Cons

shilajit caps example


  • No unpleasant flavor
  • Long-lasting
  • Makes no mess
  • Easy to travel with
  • No buffers or fillers added
  • Less expensive


  • Processed more than the traditional form of shilajit
  • Slightly less pure than the traditional form


Best choice for those who value time, prefer convenience and natural health benefits at once

Shilajit Caps Benefits

Support of Holistic Metabolism and Immunity

Shilajit is a rare, versatile superfood that has many of the essential nutrients and organic compounds you need to support metabolic processes and immunity. A highlight of shilajit that won’t be found in many other so-called superfoods is the fulvic acid, which greatly enhances the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients that you ingest. In other words, shilajit works perfectly with your balanced diet, facilitating metabolism and immune function. Shilajit provides the building blocks to your body’s optimal function. For example, we know from decades of research that minerals and nutrients can support cleansing and enhance the production of your body’s vital components.

Support of Holistic Metabolism
Bone Health & Stress Relief

Bone and Joint Wellbeing

The components that shilajit contains are essential to support bone and joint wellness. The bioactive elements may enhance the body’s use of proteins to help rebuild and repair itself and have antioxidant effects. This makes them useful in promoting bone wellbeing and rejuvenating your energy storage.

Trace minerals also have the potential in reducing the effects of stress on the body. The body tends to use up more nutrients during a stress response, so obtaining sufficient amounts from the diet during these times is important.

Maintains Wellness and Ballanced Diet

Chronic fatigue, poor weight control, and a lack of energy or motivation in life are just some of the common problems that our generation faces. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix because these problems all take root in our stressful, fast-paced, sedentary, and undernourished lifestyle. If you’ve been letting your wellbeing take the back seat and ready for a drastic change, then you are at the right place. We strive to be a helpful companion on your new journey by providing natural superfoods for metabolism and homeostasis, all through nourishment and cleansing.

Of course, living like our ancestors away from stress and junk food isn’t quite possible in this day and age. But luckily, the superfood shilajit is your chance to be much closer to that ballanced lifestyle. The essential bioactive compounds provided by the natural shilajit will help boost your physical and mental wellness. But remember, it is not a magic pill but a helpful companion when you take care of all facets of your lifestyle. Try your best to live a wholesome lifestyle, and you will feel an abundance of joy and energy again!

Healthy Diet
Healthy Circulation

Circulation and Internal Wellness

We all know that humans need oxygen to survive, which are carried around our bodies by lots of red blood cells. These delivery cells also ensure the timely removal of CO2 and lactic acid, which prevents you from feeling tired. When blood circulation is poor, your body will become more sluggish, colder, and just sicker in general. Shilajit facilitates circulation by providing many building blocks for blood cell production.

Apart from oxygen, your cells also need a range of nutrients to power complex chemical reactions. These reactions allow you to digest, move, and recover, but depend on a high bioavailability of the foods that you consume, as well as an optimally functioning digestive system. Shilajit is an excellent helper in this process by providing numerous absorption-promoting molecules. Last but not the least, fulvic acid acts as an express carrier in your body, delivering essential nutrients to wherever they are needed in the body.

Why use illustration

Why Should I Use Shilajit Caps?

There is a reason why shilajit is only found in the most unattainable places at high altitudes on Earth. Nature had to mold shilajit into its powerful form over long periods of time without industrial disruptions. This in itself speaks for the purity and efficacy of the product. Shilajit Caps preserve the powerful benefits of raw shilajit, including a wealth of nutrients that nourish our cells, organs and mind. It is wonderful at working with our body to help us function optimally, with an abundance of energy. With the lightest processing using cutting-edge food technology, we preserve most of shilajit’s beneficial properties. It is a truly potent fuel that we thank nature for. Now provided in the caps form, it has never been easier to include this superfood in your daily diet. This simple addition to your lifestyle can make a big difference in making the most out of your life!

Shilajit Caps Buy Best Shilajit

How to Use

How to Use Shilajit Caps

Take It Straight

The caps form of shilajit is very convenient to take straight. Simply place a caps in your mouth and swallow.

How to Use Shilajit Caps

Drink Some Water

You can drink some water or another beverage with it. The liquid will help push it down all the way to the stomach faster.

How to Use Shilajit Caps

Take 1-2 Times a Day, 4-6 Times per Week

Shilajit Caps may be taken in the morning or during the day apart from food. The optimal course is 1-2 months at a time, 2-3 times per year.

Easy to Use

The caps are in the form of shilajit that is most convenient to use and pretty hard to make a mess with. It will not leak, crumble, or cause whatever nightmare that you can think of. Also, there is no need to measure it before consuming it as one tablet is a single serving for an adult.

All Natural

Despite being in a caps form, the shilajit content is absolutely natural and comes directly from high mountains. It is gently purified, ground and packaged into caps, ensuring no additives, fillers, or contaminants are incorporated.

Travel Friendly

Travelers love our shilajit caps because they won’t ever have to miss out on their benefits when on the go! Whether you are doing intense road trips or simply hanging out at a friend’s place, shilajit caps are your best companion.

Pure Shilajit Extra Strenght

Perfect Balance between Purity, Strength and Convenience

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shilajit Caps Lower Quality Than Regular Shilajit?

We have checked other brands and found that, in two-thirds of cases, the shilajit caps are of poor quality. Many companies sell a wide range of different caps and products, so their equipment is adapted to process and pack many types of herbs, not only shilajit, in standard caps sizes. Also, in 95% of cases, such companies purchase shilajit from intermediaries. Not being experts on the quality of this product, there is a high chance of getting lower-grade raw materials with a high content of impurities. Moreover, the standard caps size fits up to 600 mg of powder when the average dose of shilajit powder is 200 mg, so most often fillers and excipients are added to the shilajit powder in such caps, reducing its quality. If you prefer taking shilajit caps, then choose a company that specializes in shilajit and check the caps size and ingredients before making your purchase.

How Can I Check the Quality of Shilajit Caps?

It is easy to check the quality of your shilajit caps yourself by following this simple guide:

  • Open the caps.
  • Check whether the shilajit has a uniform color or whether there are dissimilar elements that differ in color. Shilajit powder can have a color gradation from brown to black depending on its grind level; however, shilajit powder cannot include white or red blotches, it must be uniform in color.
  • Shilajit powder or crystals (real shilajit powder can stick together into crystals, especially Siberian shilajit, and this is absolutely normal) must completely dissolve in water and do not dissolve in alcohol. Keep in mind if you are not using 100% alcohol for the test (for example, vodka is only 40% alcohol), the shilajit will partially dissolve.

Are Shilajit Caps Illegal in Canada?

The sale of shilajit is not prohibited in Canada. However, there was an incident that happened with one company. It produced and sold caps with low-quality raw materials. Upon investigation, the company products were banned in the Canadian market. Our company has a current registration that allows us to sell shilajit in Canada.

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Shilajit Extra Strength

Extra-strength shilajit are an effective, quick, and easy way to enjoy shilajit!

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Mumio comes from the Greek at the time when Aristotle mention it in his pharmacopeia. It also appears in Shakespeare's Macbeth as one of the ingredients of witches brew.

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A.v.15 Feb 2021
Exactly as described, no taste, easy to travel with
Steven28 Dec 2020
No flavor and ease of taking. But my favorite one is resin. Bought the caps just to try
Jane24 Jun 2020
The caps are easy to swallow as they are thin. Taken by my mom and myself. Would recommend.
Wen25 Dec 2019
I can't say if it works, feeling a bit more energized
Jim9 Jul 2019
These caps seem to be of very good quality as the shilajit powder that is inside the caps has no white or yellow blotches. Just started taking but sure I have a potent product.
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Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Perfect Balance between Purity, Strength and Convenience
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