Many people still believe in ancient Ayurveda mystery that is responsible for shilajit benefits. I’m not familiar with that secret knowledge but would like to write about what is shilajit good for from a scientific point of view.


Amazing Benefits from Shilajit

Please watch short YouTube video about what shilajit does and its ingredients.

Shilajit Acids and Minerals List

Fulvic, Folic and Humic acids; Iron; Zinc; Magnesium; Copper; Nickel; Potassium; Manganese; Silicon; Silver; Sodium; Sulfur; Iodine; Strontium; Rubidium; Cesium; Barium; Phosphorus; Chromium; Antimony; Vanadium; Molybdenum; Carotenoids retinol, Terpenoids; B, C, E vitamins; Melanoidin; Benzoic acid; Polyphenol complexes; Dibenzo-alpha pyrones; Phospholipids Triterpenes and Phenolic acids; Albuminoids; Bioflavonoids; Hippuric and Oxalic acid; Tannic acid; Glycosides

Benefit #1: Healing of skin, organs and muscles from wounds, burns and bruises.

wounds and burns

Retinol2, Vitamins B3 and Copper4 are necessary for each step in the healing process. Combined with Fulvic Acid that reduces the inflammation8 they would speed up regrow and new tissue formation5. Humins and Humic Acids has antibacterial and antiviral properties6. Those acids even replaced the standard antibiotics in some animal agriculture. In the case of skin, you may apply it directly on the problem spot to speed up the tissue regeneration.

Benefit #2: Strong bones and joints, anti-inflammation and arthritis remedy

bones, joints and arthritis

Cuprum, Nickel, Calcium, Manganese, Silicon and Strontium helps in building resilience against various forms of arthritis and osteoporosis. Those metals also responsible for making bones and joints stronger.7 Magnesium deficiency causes chronic inflammatory build ups. Shilajit can supply your body with extra Magnesium to prevent this from happening.19

Taking Shilajit together with Turmeric and Ginger would increase their effectiveness against serious forms of arthritis. Another known way to reduce inflammation symptoms directly is to mix Shilajit with your common solution or cream. Mix Shilajit in 1:3 proportion and apply it on the problem spot.

Benefit #3: Heart, blood and circulation

heart and blood pressure

Shilajit has plenty of Iron that plays a major role in transporting Oxygen in our body. Cobalt is an essential element for making red blood cells.12 Potassium balance the negative effect of Salt intake, reduce the Cholesterol. Together with Calcium, they regulate the heartbeat. All of that may be key factors to improve and sustain healthy blood pressure.10

Benefit #4: Physical performance and energy, post workout recovery

physical energy

Shilajit was officially used by USSR military, Olympic, and space team. It works as a natural recovery after a workout and been used to reduce the physical weakness and to improve the stamina. Because of Iron, copper and Nickel blood can carry more Oxygen in the body to produce energy. It is vital for any individual to consume enough iron for proper physical performance.13

Vitamin B12 is another well-known energy booster that is also the part of shilajit. Fulvic Acid and B12 both has the ability to deliver oxygen directly to the muscle cells. Thus, may reduce the detrimental effects of Lactic Acid and CO2 build up.31

Benefit #5: Brain function, motivation and attention

memory and attention

For attention, perception and neuropsychological activity you need Zinc. This element will increase the ability to learn.15 Copper support neurodevelopment and improves the cognitive function. A tiny amount of copper helps form new neurotransmitters that allow neurons talk to each other. Kids and students need those metals at most to promote their brain development.14 Potassium, in fact, will allow more oxygen to reach the brain and this way stimulate the neural activity.16

Finally, the B vitamins are very popular brain supplement that shilajit contains too. B vitamins is also improving oxygen delivery as well as the memory. It is especially beneficial for the elder people to be preventive from Alzheimer and Dementia.17

Benefit #6: Anti Stress, Depression and Anxiety

stress and depression

For humans who suffers from depression, Zinc level is likely to be low. Shilajit has a lot of natural Zinc which is also required by more than 300 enzymes in our body. We don’t get enough Zinc in a modern diet as well as our organism not able to store much of it. We need a little but regular supply of this metal to feel fine.18

Another two important elements are Magnesium and Potassium. Together with Zinc it may be a great solution against stress and anxiety.19 For some of us it works as a natural and healthy replacement for some prescription drugs or antidepressant.

Benefit #7: Blood sugar and diabetes

body sugar and diabetes

Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.29 The major role of Magnesium is to control the blood glucose levels. A recent study found that 25 percent or more of diabetic patients were deficient in Magnesium. The role of Zinc has not been directly identified. But the study from Harvard Health looked at how Zinc levels influence diabetes risk for women. They found that higher Zinc was associated with a slightly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. The proper balance of Calcium could also reduce the risk of diabetes by 33%.30

Benefit #8: Rejuvenation

body detoxification

It is the fact that Shilajit is a life giving and rejuvenation supplements for the plants. Anyone can prove it just by applying shilajit mixed water to treat healthy or weak plants and see the results.

There wasn’t enough research done to see what exactly makes it work for any lifeform, but this evidence points us to our common ancestor – the living cells. When we are aging, we do accumulate damaged cells wich makes our tissues and organs weak. Shilajit helps our cells to be stable, and on a large scale, it may replace the damaged tissues with new tissue. It doesn’t mean live extension but gives you another chance that at least some damage be repaired. We also know that shilajit helps produce those hormones that are usually declined with age. As it happens the body may respond as it did when it was younger, thus may restore and repair some body functions as well.

Benefit #9: Skin care and wrinkles

skin care and wrinkles

The Manganese slow down the skin aging and wrinkles formation. It is also improving the tensile strength and elasticity.20 Copper makes skin healthier by promoting collagen. It is a protein produced by cells to ‘hold’ the skin together, promoting skin regeneration and reduce the wrinkles.26 Deficiency of Copper is also links with depigmentation of a skin.

Organic Selenium and Zinc has a general role in normal skin development and function. It does protect skin from UV radiation providing a safe and effective means to reduce UVR exposure. People with lack of those elements been noticed with various forms of skin abnormalities.25 To use Shilajit for a skin you have to apply it externally like a cream, though there is little evidence to warrant oral or topical supplementation.

Benefit #10: Hair and skin, shower gel supplementation


Many hair experts believe that human hairs were healthier 100 years ago. The food was full of nutrients and there were no shampoos with harsh detergents that strip the natural oils from the scalp. Shilajit can enrich your shower soap with a variety of needed elements that our modern diet doesn’t supply well enough.

One of that important metal is Copper. It may calm your scalp that helps hair growth. Copper also may increase your hair’s natural pigmentation.21 Manganese, Selenium, and Zinc are playing an important role in healthy skin.

To be an effective solution, you should take it internally as well as mixing Shilajit with your shampoo or shower gel. There is little evidence to warrant only oral supplementation. Emu Oil together with Shilajit may multiply the positive effect for hair health. Try other all natural shampoos and do not wash your hair too often. Your hair could go much longer between washing without getting too oily.

Benefit #11: Sexual potency, testosterone, androgen and estrogen

male sexual potency

Natural Zinc supplementation does improve sexual competence. It promotes the testosterone level, penile thrusting, prolongs ejaculatory latency, keeps sperm healthy and regulates sex drive.22

Other sources show that Magnesium is one of the elements needed for sex hormones production such as androgen and estrogen, as well as for neurotransmitters which modulate the sex drive. Magnesium also help with the premature ejaculation and could prolong the pleasure when you most need it.23 Other studies show that B Vitamins develop the blood flow and “good cholesterol” level that directly connected with a healthier erection.24

Many customers report that Shilajit does improve their erection and sexual drive in general.

Benefit #11: Protection from Alzheimer's disease

male sexual potency

Special compounds reduce the ability of our brain to accumulate the tau protein – the biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, they help to normalize the level of neurotransmitters and protect neurons against breakdown.

Benefit #12: Longevity, powerful antioxidant


Some Shilajit trace minerals serve the very same function as an antioxidant. First of all, it is Copper. Besides its role in collagen production, it also serves as an antioxidant that helps skin fight free radicals. It neutralizes the ions that may damage the skin cells.27

Lack of Magnesium is one of the reason of age-related diseases including arthritis and other forms of chronic inflammations. Constant source of Magnesium means that you would have enough antioxidant capacity for the aging organism to be resistant to free-radical damage.28

Fulvic Acid itself plays its role as a very powerful antioxidant reducing the damage incurred from free radicals that enter your body through the food and environment. And finally, the Carotenoids Retinol and Terpenoids plus Vitamin E can also act as antioxidants. All those makes Shilajit the most powerful organic substance that may prevent or delay cell damage from the oxidation.

List of references used to prepare this article.

The same as engineer separate his model by pieces we separate our shilajit into set of main minerals and acids to explain how it is works. The model may be useless without a single piece as well as the certain piece wouldn’t work by itself.

The real magic of nature is that she made Shilajit so complex so we still not able to synthesize it in a modern lab. When you are taking the man made supplements the most of it get wasted. We can’t just eat pure minerals to be healthy because they have to be delivered into the cells and this is what shilajit does. Nature crafted it during million of years and made is so right! We can’t add or remove anything to make shilajit benefits better.


5 Myths About Shilajit Benefits