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Shilajit is a truly amazing substance that is full of benefits for all living beings. It has arisen from the sophisticated craftsmanship of nature. The combination of organic trace minerals, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbon-60, plant-based antioxidants and many other beneficial organic acids sets it apart from all other superfoods.

47 Ag
26 Fe
14 Si
24 Cr
38 Sr
20 Ca
27 Co
11 Na
30 Zn
31 Ga
12 Mg
42 Mo
51 Ni
23 V
79 Au
25 Mn
22 Ti
29 Cu
19 K

Within shilajit you will find a perfect integration of pristine essential nutrients in balanced ratios easily absorbed by the body, making it one of the most all-encompassing and effective natural supplements of all time!

Please watch this short YouTube video about what Shilajit does and its ingredients.

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How Does Shilajit Work?

Holistic Metabolism Support

Shilajit provides a number of organic compounds that play relevant roles in the enhancement of the body's metabolism. Metabolism is a complex web of biochemical processes in the body where the nutrients derived from ingested food are converted into forms that can be utilized by the body and eventually trigger most of the body’s functions, including those of the immune and nervous systems.

While the immune system is responsible for cleansing, recovery, protection and rejuvenation, the nervous system has some effect on energy levels (mood), brain function, reactions and libido to some degree. In essence, the elements shilajit contains are used in metabolic processes that are responsible for the balanced function of all body systems.

Shilajit for balancing body systems

Synergy Metabolic Effect
Fulvic acid, Trace Minerals & Bio-Active elements aid Metabolism for the better body performance

Shilajit in Rasayana Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic medicine, Rasayana refers to both the science of rejuvenation and a category of substances and protocols that enhance longevity by increasing vigor, vitality, and strength of body and mind, delaying aging, and warding off illness. Shilajit is considered a Rasayana supplement, an adaptogen that may help rebalance and restore the body’s natural, healthy functions. It has been used for millennia as an ancient tool to rebalance the body’s inner energies and enhance overall health and vitality.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Not only does shilajit contain its own wealth of vital nutrients, some of the nutrients it has, such as fulvic acid, fatty acids, and the amino acids cysteine, methionine, proline and lysine, also improve the absorption and usage (bioavailability) of other consumed nutrients. This is helpful, given the modern issues surrounding soil depletion and reduced nutrition of the foods we consume compared to even 50 years ago. It is one of the richest supplemental sources of fulvic acid as well as humic acid.

Top 6 Real Shilajit Benefits for Men

Benefit 1: Natural Energy Booster & Post-Workout Recovery

*results may vary

Shilajit works as a natural energy booster and is used to reduce physical weakness and improve stamina.1 It facilitates healthy blood circulation, which in turn improves oxygen transport as well as the removal of CO2 and lactic acid from the muscles.

Muscle Mass Builder

Shilajit also contains arginine and many other amino acids which help in building muscle mass. Arginine directly increases the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) in muscle tissue, which dilates blood vessels and has been associated with promoting increased energy production, better muscle function, enhanced fat breakdown and improved muscle strength when combined with muscle-building exercise.

A Source of Electrolytes

Lastly, shilajit is loaded with electrolytes, which are known to support post-workout recovery. While exercising, your body loses water and electrolytes as a consequence of sweating, which may limit performance. Drinking water mixed with shilajit can replenish your electrolyte balance faster.

Benefit 2: Male Fertility and Potency

*results may vary

Shilajit benefits men's health as well! Zinc and selenium are fairly well-established male supplements that have been shown to increase sperm motility.2,3,4 Pregnane is required for the production of elements that are needed for healthy male potency. Shilajit offers a natural solution to boost men's health.

Shilajit in Human Trials

In one experiment performed on 60 men, 100 mg of shilajit twice daily offered positive results, facilitating enhanced sperm count and motility, as well as boosting potency that is responsible for libido and masculine traits in males. Scientists noted that shilajit constituents were found directly inside the semen samples being observed.4

Benefit 3: Healthy Stamina & Libido

*results may vary

Shilajit has on occasion been nicknamed “Indian Ginseng”, revealing its well-known traditional usage with just a quick web search. It can help boost energy levels, enhance muscle function, and support blood circulation, all of which are essential in sustaining a healthy erection and promote lasting stamina.

Better Performance

Shilajit also contains favorable amounts of zinc, selenium, and magnesium, which are vital trace minerals required for better performance. Furthermore, shilajit has pregnane, which may stimulate libido and increase stamina.

We have received feedback from clients expressing just how well shilajit worked for them in improving their erections and performance.

Benefit 4: The Solution to Digestive Issues Common in Men

*results may vary

Shilajit acts as a tonic and helps bring equilibrium to the functions of the digestive system.5 It contains and enhances the absorption of nutrients which contribute to a healthy intestinal wall. Some research suggests that fulvic acid might positively influence gut flora, which would enhance digestion, nutrient absorption and overall health.

For men, adding something to the diet to help with gut health rather than taking something away seems like a much more tolerable and doable option.

Benefit 5: Bone, Muscle and Joint Health

*results may vary

You ought to be aware by now that shilajit is rich in trace minerals, nutrients and humic substances like fulvic acid, which helps us to more easily absorb nutrients. Out of these shilajit constituents, amino acids, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, boron, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, silicon and strontium are of particular interest to bone health, as all of them are involved in the strengthening of bones and joints.

Of course, the body also may need a steady supply of vitamin D3, vitamin K and other nutrients for bone and joint health to achieve optimal results!6

Benefit 6: Mental Activity Support

*results may vary

Shilajit shows promise in supporting those who have a mentally demanding job or are under stress. Brain function also generally declines with age, so increasing your intake of nutrients that boost brain function becomes more important with age. Shilajit is a source of many components that are needed to strengthen mental activity such as tyrosine, pregnane and fulvic acid, along with minerals and amino acids that boost blood flow and energy.

Benefit 7: Body Cleansing and Hangover Relief

*results may vary

Shilajit is comparable to mineral water in the context of hangover relief. Mineral water enters the bloodstream faster than ordinary water, helping with rehydration and cleansing. Both shilajit and mineral water have been noted to help reduce swelling and water retention, which reduces hangover symptoms.

Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body, disturbing our electrolyte balance and depleting our stores of magnesium, which can cause severe liver damage over time. Shilajit can help re-establish bodily stores of trace minerals, including magnesium, potassium and other electrolytes. Furthermore, in those who are nutritionally depleted in zinc and selenium, the cleansing processes may not work as efficiently, resulting in a prolonged hangover. But shilajit contains zinc and selenium as well, boosting the body’s ability to clean and remove alcohol more effectively.

Shilajit for Women Health Care

Benefit 1: Skin Vitality & Regeneration Improvement

*results may vary

Shilajit has numerous health benefits not only for men but also for women. Most women worry about the health and appearance of their skin and look for remedies that accelerate skin regeneration, help with pimples, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Due to its composition, shilajit may benefit your skin and improve its condition. Shilajit enriches the skin with minerals and components that:

  • boost skin regeneration
  • may improve its elasticity
  • may reduce aging and the development of wrinkles

Supplementing with additional essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, and others increases the skin firmness and supports overall skin health.

Benefit 2: Total Cleansing and Full Body Detox

*results may vary

It is becoming quite well-known that body cleansing can help boost your energy levels, improve skin health and even help reduce your weight. Giving your body the right nutrients improves your body’s natural cleansing functions. Shilajit provides minerals that may support cleansing.

Manganese, molybdenum, iron, zinc and copper are all vital for the creation of enzymes that are involved in the processes of body cleansing.

Knowing how to support the body’s natural detoxification processes can save women from the unpleasant experiences of fasting and harsh detox regimens and cleanses.

Benefit 3: The Solution for Stress, Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion

*results may vary

Studies show that stress levels among our ‘do-it-all’ generation of females are 50% higher than in men. With so much on their plate, it’s no wonder women feel more tired, forgetful, overwhelmed and depleted these days! Luckily, one of the benefits of shilajit is to reduce stress and fatigue.

No More Low Energy Levels

Shilajit contains the trace minerals phosphorus and magnesium, both of which are utilized by the mitochondria in cells to produce ATP, the body's source of energy. Supplementation with shilajit may increase your energy levels and boost endurance that will help fight fatigue.

The Calming Effect of Shilajit

Shilajit appears to have an overall calming effect because of the fulvic mineral content. A deficiency in minerals may heighten stress levels when facing a stressful situation. At the same time, stressing too much can drop your fulvic mineral levels. That's why supplementing your mineral intake may help ease stress.

Benefits 4: Healthy, Strong Bones and Joints Over 65

*results may vary

Shilajit is rich in trace minerals, nutrients, and fulvic acid which helps us absorb nutrients more easily.8 Of course, shilajit contains the minerals that are essential for bone health. To be specific, these components are:

  • amino acids
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • boron
  • iron
  • zinc
  • copper
  • calcium
  • manganese
  • silicon

All these nutrients are of particular interest to bone health as they are involved in the strengthening of bones and joints. Shilajit is a treasure of minerals for women who are over 65!

Benefit 5: Healthy Aging

*results may vary

The fulvic acids, humic acids and magnesium found in shilajit may act as anti-aging agents for women!

Due to several compounding factors like difficulty chewing food or impaired nutrient uptake, elderly individuals are at a higher risk of developing nutritional deficiencies (especially magnesium), which naturally disables cells from being able to make antioxidants, efficiently produce energy and repair themselves.

Shilajit helps optimize nutrient absorption thanks primarily to its fulvic acid content and to it being a reservoir of many trace minerals and amino acids that cells need to regenerate and function at their peak. In spite of this, don't get too excited - shilajit will not make you immortal - but it may contribute to more graceful aging and encourage cellular health and longevity in elderly people who fall into the above categories.

Benefit 6: Mood, Focus and Energy

*results may vary

Shilajit can help women who experience mood swings or need to perform well under stress, as it enhances mood, mental activity and energy levels.

Mood Stability

Shilajit is a source of many nutrients and compounds, magnesium included. It is a well-known fact that magnesium is involved in the synthesis which is responsible for making us feel good, improving our mood and easing stress.

Sharp Focus & Mental Activity

Shilajit also benefits your brain due to its content of phospholipids, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, boron, chromium, essential amino acids, and fatty acids, all of which can improve your mental focus and performance.

Natural Energy Booster

Shilajit is a fantastic natural energizer as it contains the trace minerals phosphorus and magnesium, which are utilized by the mitochondria in all cells to produce ATP, the body's source of energy.

Benefits of Shilajit for Animal Health and Wellness

Benefits 1: An Essential Mineral for Reproductive Health

Shilajit appears to help support fertility in animals in terms of regulating ovulation in females and improving sperm production and sperm count in males, or as a means to enhance the effects of other fertility-boosting supplements.9,10,11 Shilajit provides zinc and selenium, both of which are known to be fertility-enhancing nutrients.

Benefits 2: Nutritional Support for Your Pet

Just like people, our pets also need proper nutrition enriched with minerals and vitamins. However, many animals have mineral deficiencies due to bad ecology, soil depletion, and diet options. Shilajit is known to be a source of many beneficial ingredients (minerals, amino acids, fulvic acid, fatty acids, etc.), making it an excellent supplement to add to your pet’s diet.

Look how many minerals are needed for cats and dogs in particular:

  • Calcium for bones, teeth and cellular function
  • Copper for iron absorption and coat color
  • Iodine for digestion and thyroid function/metabolism
  • Iron for energy and circulation
  • Magnesium for bones, energy and the nervous system
  • Manganese for bones, cartilage and energy
  • Phosphorus for bones and energy
  • Potassium for energy, cellular function, and urinary and kidney health
  • Selenium as an antioxidant
  • Sodium for cellular function, urinary health and teeth
  • Zinc for skin and coat health and reproduction

Almost all of these minerals are found in shilajit and yes, it is safe to give to your pet.

Benefit 3: Animal Longevity & Wellness

A balanced, varied and nutrient-rich diet is the best method to ensure a long, healthy life for your pet. Shilajit is the perfect well-rounded supplement to add to your pet’s diet for overall health.

Fulvic Acid for Pet Health

Shilajit is known to improve nutrient absorption, thanks mainly to the fulvic acid. Fulvic acid supports health in general simply by improving digestion, absorption and usage of nutrients from the food it eats. Because of this effect, and because of its ability to boost energy production and its antioxidant properties, fulvic acid may boost mitochondrial function. The health of mitochondria is thought to be one of the key factors to health, vitality and longevity.

youtube video cover


Shilajit is a natural source of carbon-60. In a study on rats published in 2012, carbon-60 (also known as fullerene) suspended in olive oil lengthened their lifespan by up to 90%! The main mechanism of action seemed to be protection against oxidative stress, especially in the liver. Rather than living the usual 2.5-3 years, the rats receiving carbon-60 lived 6 or more years!12 This study had the whole world talking about this new anti-aging compound. The study or results have not been replicated since, but they certainly were intriguing. However, more studies are needed to prove carbon-60’seffectiveness.

Benefit 4: Animal Skin and Coat Care

The condition of your pet’s skin is directly linked to the condition of its coat. An animal’s coat helps protect the skin and keep it hydrated. A dull-looking or brittle coat, excessive shedding, itching and skin flakiness can all be signs of dry skin and possible nutritional deficiencies.

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients known to affect your pet’s skin health and coat condition. It helps reduce itchiness and prevent hair loss or excessive shedding. The trace mineral copper and the amino acid tyrosine also help maintain coat color, reduce hair loss and keep coats supple and glossy. Silicon may improve skin and hair growth through promoting collagen synthesis. Calcium enhances skin tone, and sodium helps balance cell hydration.

All of the nutritional compounds above are found in shilajit and can greatly enhance the condition of your pet’s skin and coat.

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