Dosage and Instructions

Follow our simple graphic guideline on How to Use Shilajit. You will also learn how to measure your daily dosage amount and the certain things you need to avoid.

What makes it work?

The key ingredient of our shilajit is Fulvic Acid. It helps all the nutrients to enter the cell at faster rate. You can also take this shilajit with other vitamins to enhance their effect as well.

Is it safe?

We guarantee the exceptional quality product that been tested in third party USA lab and packed in sterile environment by qualified personal.

Our Shilajit been extracted using the cold process purification

95% of all shilajit you may find online been boiled to the solid form or powdered using a high temperature – all of that destroy some very important enzymes.

What is my benefits from taking shilajit?

Basically you can mix it with your favorite drink (excluding alcohol) or prepare a cream in a right dosage proportion. Review the 4 general examples on how to use a shilajit for details and actual dosage.

Shilajit Benefits Banner


Neuro-cognitive enhancer – great for students or smart jobs for memory, motivation and attention

Joints and Back

Reduces inflammation and swelling including arthritis and rheumatism if mixed in a cream

Skin & Longevity

Anti-aging skin care if mixed in a serum or general immune system support if used internally


Support male hormones reproduction witch enhance the erection and testosterone level

It is very easy to use!

You can mix it juice or smoothies or just take it straight. It is also can be used to prepare a cream, face tonic, shampoo, ect., just mix it within your favorite base. Our extremely pure shilajit could be stored for a couple of years if refrigerated.