How to Use

Follow our simple graphic guideline on How to Use Shilajit. You will also learn about daily dosage amount and certain factors you need to avoid.

How Does it Work

It is a complex organic mineral substance. The following article about Shilajit Benefits may help you understand the main ingredients that make it work.

Is it safe?

We guarantee the exceptional quality product that tested by third party USA laboratory for Heavy Metals and packed in a sterile environment. Each jar is backed by 60 days money back guarantee.

This is a real cold treated resin

Modern extraction method allows us to preserve its original molecular structure. We are not using the heat or exposing it to the environment for a long-term sun drying. It is safe, unique and potent like never been before.

Exclusive Source of All-Natural Fulvic Acid

It is the only natural source of Fulvic Acid ready for human consumption. You can find a Fulvic Acid mineral blends but they are all concentrates made from turf/soil with added minerals. Could you imagine that it took ten million years to create shilajit! We still can’t copy its chemical composition using the hi-tech laboratory equipment.

fulvic acid and humic acid

The major organic part made from the ancient plants remains. Fulvic Acid is one of many valuable components including Folic and Humic acids plus some Vitamins.

Trace Mineral Complex

Despite that it has almost the entire periodic table of elements there is another fact that makes it special. As it made deep inside the mountains the tremendous pressure bonds Himalayan minerals with organic matter. Finally, it became a complete structure where minerals attached to organic acids – Shilajit.

trace minerals

It could be awesome if we can be healthy just by eating pure supplements but this is not so simple. Our immune system doesn’t know what we eat and even more – it is protecting us from anything that seems unnatural. The task of delivery is more important than the supplement itself. The particular Fulvic Acid is known and accepted by any organism on earth because it’s been here since the first life forms. And as it made bonded with minerals in a form of shilajit it does the delivery of those elements right into the cell.

Why Should I Buy Shilajit?

It is always better to consume naturally made, raw and untouched products that known by our bodies through the evolution. Everything in nature is connected and made to be healthy. It is obvious than an ordinary apple is still better than a most expensive vitamin C tablet.

The lack of certain elements makes our cells weak, they are not able to absorb the vitamins. This is one of the reasons why aging, degeneration and many chronic health problems occur. If we can’t get enough minerals through the regular diet, then it’s a time to try shilajit.