How to Use

Follow our simple graphic guideline on How to Use Shilajit. You will also learn about daily dosage amount and certain factors you need to avoid.

How Does it Work

Shilajit is a complex organic mineral substance. The following article about Shilajit Benefits may help you to understand the main ingredients that makes it work.

Is it safe?

We guarantee the exceptional quality product that been tested in third party USA lab for Heavy Metals and packed in sterile environment. Each jar is backed by 60 days money back guarantee.

This is a real cold treated shilajit

We preserve most of its goodies by modern extraction method. Being traditional with a touch of technology brings us the best quality product that is really unique and potent.

Why should I try shilajit ?

Shilajit is composed mainly of ancient plant remains that been decomposed into a variety of valuable organic acids and other part is a trace mineral treasure.

Organic and Metal parts

The lack of a certain elements makes our cells weak and as a result they are also not able to absorb the vitamins. This is one of the reasons why aging, degeneration and many chronic health problems occurs. If we can’t get enough minerals through the regular diet to support our immune system then it’s a time to try shilajit. By the way the shilajit paste is the only organic product of its kind. There is no other naturally balanced trace mineral food supplements.

Metals in Shilajit